Monday, December 6, 2010

A Different Thanksgiving

Well This was the first Thanksgiving Russ and I spent alone. It was a little weird I do admit and I was not that ambitious to want to make a turkey all by myself! We had a few ideas in mind like going to serve the homeless and all these grand plans but in the end they fell through and we decided to have a lonely dinner together. Of course I tried to make it special but everytime I try to do things like that I stress myself out. Let's just say Russ did alot of the cooking. Anyways, We both had the day off which was fun so we went to the grocery store and bought our meal!

Of course we listened to Christmas music on the way to the store....

And of course we needed TURKEY, but like I said i was NOT making it. But Good ol Smiths did the cooking for us! (Don't ask why I am wearing this goofy hat out in public)

We were trying to be festive and bought Egg nog, Abe really liked it.

We got a little crazy and got some sparkling cider!

We made some stuffing, and mash potatoes and corn and BOOM Thanksgiving DINNER!

Here is a nice little thanksgiving video. I tricked russ, he thought it was a picture....

I was pretty proud of us! We don't make dinner very often and I know it wasn't much but it was a nice little thanksgiving together. the end.