Monday, December 6, 2010

A Different Thanksgiving

Well This was the first Thanksgiving Russ and I spent alone. It was a little weird I do admit and I was not that ambitious to want to make a turkey all by myself! We had a few ideas in mind like going to serve the homeless and all these grand plans but in the end they fell through and we decided to have a lonely dinner together. Of course I tried to make it special but everytime I try to do things like that I stress myself out. Let's just say Russ did alot of the cooking. Anyways, We both had the day off which was fun so we went to the grocery store and bought our meal!

Of course we listened to Christmas music on the way to the store....

And of course we needed TURKEY, but like I said i was NOT making it. But Good ol Smiths did the cooking for us! (Don't ask why I am wearing this goofy hat out in public)

We were trying to be festive and bought Egg nog, Abe really liked it.

We got a little crazy and got some sparkling cider!

We made some stuffing, and mash potatoes and corn and BOOM Thanksgiving DINNER!

Here is a nice little thanksgiving video. I tricked russ, he thought it was a picture....

I was pretty proud of us! We don't make dinner very often and I know it wasn't much but it was a nice little thanksgiving together. the end.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The snow has come

Well, a little update....

Soooo, my hardrive on my mac computer crashed a few weeks ago. As you know I LOVE my computer and was a little pathetically lost with out it. Maybe that is God way of telling me to stop being so addicted to my technology, hahaha....Anyways my amazing friend Steven down in Phoenix fixed it all up for me better than new! I own him my arm and my leg! I am so glad to have it back.

And Yes, I am trying to make up excuses for my horrible lack of blogging lately. I am going to try and make up for it. I am going to blog at least once a week. we will see how it goes...

Well the latest news?


I have been loving the snowless Utah lately but the inevitable finally happened. I don't mind the cold so much and the snow is very pretty but super annoying. I am not a fan of it. But it still is a little exciting for the first snow of the winter. so i made russ take some pictures. he didn't want to, but he had no choice. (I do like the snow when i think about Christmas, it is getting me excited already for the holiday!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My grandparents

I found these pictures of my sweet grandparents a few days ago that I took when I was in college. I tried to edit them a bit and I just love them! I took these pictures when they still lived in the house they raised my mom in, the house my mom lived in her whole life; a 2 bedroom 1 bath that had to be shared with 5 girls! That is crazy! i love these pictures because they show off so much of my grandparents personalities. I photographed them in their own rooms (they slept in separate bedrooms) and I love it because they decorated their rooms there own ways. They are so sweet.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween is my FAVORITE!

I miss Phoenix even more when it starts to get cold in Utah. I really shouldn't be complaining, the weather here is soooo good for november. We have made it with only 1 snow storm that melted the same day. It's only 50 degrees out right now and it's 9 o'clock at night. So it's not too bad at all!

Well the update with the Sorensen's, here goes. Russ has been very busy with homework this semester. A couple of weeks back he was SLAMMED with work, he pulled a few all nighters and only got only 7 hours of sleep in 5 days! He is a crazy person! I could never do that anymore! Let's just say he stalked the fridge full of Mountain Dew and AMP energy drinks to stay alive. We only have 5 more months until Russ is graduated! I am SOOOO excited! I really can't wait, it will be like a new adventure after he is done. I have been graduated from college since 2007 so I have been waiting semi-patiently.

As for me I am still working at a studio and doing my own personal photography on the side. It's great that I have to flexibility to do that right now. I love it so much! The house is a mess right now although I have made many more attempts to clean it, but life gets so busy! My day off was today and I don't even know where the time goes!

Our friends cody and Jake moved away yesterday. We are pretty bummed. We miss them already. They are going on a major road trip to florida and back! I hope they have fun!

We had a zombiw party on Sunday and it was sooo fun! Cody and Jake introduced us to Mac and Kelly. They through a zombie party on halloween and we dressed up and watched a new Zombie TV show called The Walking Dead on AMC. It was really pretty good! I had lots of fun. Russ didn't dress up because he came later because he had a bunch of homework to do. But I really enjoyed getting all zombiefied!

This was our sexy zombie pose.....
I'm hungry for FLESH!
She looks like a puppy dog waiting for her food.
I am going to eat russ! He looked delicious!
Apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that.
He didn't want to kiss this face.

We played a halloween trivia game and I won the prize! Do me! Do YOU know what the purpose of a ghoul is?
Eat the bunny!
Girl picture!
Mac won for best makeup.
ok now this is FREAKY.

We make this look goooood.
i love that face.
The zombies are eating each other!
That blood looks awesome!
I feel like The Ring in this picture.

That is some pretty scary stuff but I love being scary and I love Halloween! We set up a sign outside our house so that people would know to come downstairs and trick or treat. It was raining outside but we still got some trick or treaters. Man, I wish I could trick or Treat again. it's so fun!

We also carved pumpkins a few weeks ago (against Russ wishes, he said it was too early). It was fun, we went over to Paul and Ruthie's and had carmel corn, carmel and apples, and cooked pumpkin seeds! It was very Halloweeny! I loved it!

This is my pumpkin.
This is Russ Pumpkin.

Paul didn't know what was coming.
But Russ did.
Why do we do this to ourselves?

Jake looks pretty happy.

Those pumpkin teeth look good on you cody!
MAster Chef.
Master eater.