Saturday, May 26, 2012

I want a vacation....

Russ and I keep thinking about this San Diego vacation we went on last summer.  I think we are itching to go somewhere soon.  Good thing I get to go to Utah in a week!!  We made a little video of the trip that we could watch and dream about.  It's got a pretty good surprise ending.  We like to have fun (and with a baby it's a little harder to do sometimes!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Being a mom is so much fun.  It really is, Brynn gives me so much joy, a joy I never really think I have experienced before.  Watching her grow and learn is so fun, exciting, and rewarding.  It's like watching a plant grow that you you work hard to take care of.  Yah, it's work.  Wiping spit up, changing diapers, comforting her cries, giving her baths, feeding, and everything else that comes with the baby territory is hard. It's so hard sometimes I wish I could take a break from baby land but all Brynn has to do is smile at me, laugh, or make a funny face and all those feeling fade away.  She is just so dang cute and so much fun I can't really remember what life was without her.

It's funny, before you are a mom you have this image of what you will be like as a mom.  "Oh I will never do that to my kids..."  or "My kids are never going to cry or be needy because I'm not going to baby them..."  but the truth is, moms just want to do whatever it is that make their children happy.  And it's true, if Brynn cries because I put her down and she wants to be held I will pick her back up.  No, it's not giving in to them, it's loving them.  They are only going to be this small once right?  When they are gown they will be crying at me to leave them alone or give them some I might as well take advantage of this baby time while I can.

 I love Russ so much but Brynn is definitely his competition.  She steals my heart and I don't ever want to have to hear her cry....mommy will make everything all better.  She is just the best baby.  She has the best temperament, she is really relaxed and independent.  Since she was young she has liked to be her own person and do her own thing.  She likes "her time" on the ground playing with toys and just doing her thing.  She has never been a super snuggler so when she is tired and she lays with me I just love all the snuggle time I can get with her.  She is happy and content and only gets grumpy when she is tired and hungry (just like her mommy).  She loves her daddy and I do get jealous when he comes home and she just laughs away at him like it's nothing (I have to work for my laughs!!!)

Being a mom has taught me to be a little more patient, to be a little more loving and less selfish.  I am learning sacrifice.  You do have to give up a lot when you are a mom.  Russ and I used to have lots of fun going out, going to the movies, never making plans and just doing what we want to do when we want to do it.  That all disappears when you become a parent.  It is no longer about you but it's about Her.  I plan my day around feeding and naptime.  It's a different life but I would never take it back.  It's a great life.

I love my little Brynn.  She is the best.

Happy Late  Mother's Day to me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet little Maylie....

So my sister in law Bri hinted at me one day when she was pregnant that "she didn't care if I was in the delivery room when Maylie is born" I mean I could snap a few pictures right?  =-)  I was pretty excited to hear that....I have really wanted to shoot a live birth before so this was it.  I have been though child birth myself so it makes it a little less scary right?  I will be honest, I was a little weirded out at first (I stayed up in the safe zone right up by Bri's head).....then I got a little braver and I watch a bit when sweet little Maylie was born, and it wasn't scary at all.  She was beautiful!  Thanks for letting me a part of your special day Bri!  I wanted to share a few images with you that I think are really sweet (nothing embarrassing Bri, I promise...(except for maybe the crying ones....but they are so sweet...i love them)  I'm so glad that Brynn has a cousin that is so close to her own age!  They will be bff's!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dance your heart out.

I couldn't help but notice this little man at Scott and Bonnie's wedding (he was kind of stealing the spotlight). He kept me laughing and laughing. I don't know where this kid learned how to dance, but he has some SERIOUS moves. So of course....we had to make a little video for his parents and all to enjoy.

Pretty Dresses and Easter Fun

I feel like time is just Flying by!  We had a fun Easter at my moms this year.  We had a little dinner and easter egg hunt with the grandkids. Of course Brynn was too little to really enjoy the Easter egg hunt but she did LOVE sitting in the cool grass outside!  We were out there for an hour or two and she was loving every second of it!  Brynn even gave us a little easter egg present!  She sat up for the first time at my moms house (And i was lucky enough to have my camera right with me to capture it!!!)  Such a big girl!  We had the girls in their pretty dresses and took some cute cousin pictures.  I love family gatherings.  They make me happy. 

(I apologize in advance for the picture overload, I can't help myself)
The picture below is the first tie she sat up by herself!