Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I want more Cali.

(just want to let you know what you are getting yourself into)

Because my parents are so awesome and amazing they decided to take Russ and I and Lacey on a vacation to honor the two graduates (one because Lacey graduated high school and Russ graduated college) and it was so perfect! It was nice to get away from the heat and enjoy some relaxation before the baby comes!

I haven't been to California for a while and I was blown away by the weather. We went to San Diego and stayed at the Hilton on Mission Bay. The sun was warm, the brease was cool and I got to tan in the day and put a sweatshirt on at night and have a bon fire on the beach! Holy cow! How amazing is that! I must just be so used to the Arizona heat that I had forgotten that most places don't burn you when you get into your car in the summer.

We started out by checking out the hotel and walking on the bay. I love the water (an so does Russ). It was so nice to take a stroll on the beach barefoot with some overcast clouds. We had some dinner and went to bed.

Russ Trying to skip some rocks.

Dad was trying Russell's hat on for size....looking good...hahaha

My sexy pregnant pose. you may see this multiple times.....

The next day we woke up and rented this 4 person bike that we managed to fit 5 people in. We rode all the way to sea world and back which as a few miles but it was pretty hard to peddle this bike thing when you have 5 full grown people in it! I have never done this before and it was pretty fun! (and i didn't have to peddle all the way there, which was mainly uphill....hahaha)

a random stranger offered to take our picture. I think he did very good.

Then mom, dad and lacey decided to relax and hang out by the pool while Russ and I wanted to get out and venture to the surrounding area (we haven't been to San Dego for a long time so we wanted to check it out!). We drove over to the Midway and Seaport village to check out the shops and the ships! We walked a ton but we saw so many cool things! There were some fun street vendors that we watched like mimes, magicians, and musicians!

This parrot was eating my glasses!
We was a little mean....
But this one was very friendly....
Russ looks pretty excited about this bird....

Big ships!
Russell's new best friend.

That night we had an amazing dinner at the restaurant at the resort. Russ decribes it like a dream. We were eating some great food on a balcony overlooking the bay with the sunset in the distance. Haha, it does sound like a dream. We tried to be sophisticated with our glasses but i'm not sure it really worked.....although we all were loving was not impressed.....
Mom got ribs.
This is Russ in deep thought....
Russ got pork and clams....
This is dad deep in thought. He looks a bit brain dead to me.....
He got some swordfish.
And he was loving it...
Lacey is so cool.
She got the same food as ME! copy cat!
So i look rich and famous?
I got the chicken (and that other stuff is not mash potatoes, but whatever it was it was a amazing!)

We went to our room watched a movie and crashed that night. Then the next day we got up and found a 1:00 church to go to (which ended up being a singles ward) and then headed to the BEACH! We wanted to do all the classic things us Arizonians don't get to do. This included making a sand castle. Yes, I am 26 with no children and I wanted to make a sand castle. Russ turned to me and said "I think I am the only 25 year old man on this beach making a sand castle...." hahaha, and i'm sure he was probably right! But we made a decent sand castle with a tunnel that when all the way under it from one side to the other! We laid out to get a good tan and took a stroll by the pier to make the beach trip complete.

Pregnant face. (with my "s" in the sand)
Lacey with her "l" hill.
And russ with his "r" of course his is MUCh bigger then ours....
Our cute sand castle...
Mom getting her tan.
Beach lovin.

I like this surfer.
Russ did not want to burn his face so this was his solution...
The tummy is growing!

How sweet.....taking a walk on the beach.
the parents.
Beach pictures are not beach pictures without jumping pictures!

the pier gangsta.
This was my cheesy attempt to get a prego picture on the beach. but good job lacey.

Have you ever seen Man vs Food? Well we looked up what food places Adam went on his visit to San diego and we found this little gem Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop. It was some GOOD DANG TACOS. (this picture sums it all up)

I don't think the day could have ended in a better way. We came home from the beach, showered, and headed out to the beach for a bonfire and smores. On not just any smores.....we had heath bar smores and reeses smores and kit kat name it we had it and they were DELISH!!!!! But the best part we didn't even plan. The fireworks started over at Sea World and we had some great seats. Bon fire + Beach + Smores + Fireworks + the best night ever.

Then I decided to take the creepiest picture I could of everyone around the campfire. I think mom or Lacey won. What do you think??

The next day Mom and dad wanted to take it easy and Lacey, Russ and I went to Sea World! They dropped us off and we spent the ENTIRE day there (9:30am-10:00pm). It was a long day but I loved it! I have not been to Sea World since I was very young and Russ really has never been ( I think he went when he was like 2 or something so that doesn't count...) We went to see the dolphin show, the pet show (with cute dogs that do tricks!), we went to see 2 shamu shows (one during the day and a "rock music" one at night with cool lights) and a funny seal show. In between those we say most of the exhibits and Russ and Lacey rode a fun roller coaster ride that got them all wet! I was so bummed out because all I wanted to do was feed the dolphins and we went like 45 mins early and they were already full! (they only take 300 people)....i was so bummed but I did get to pet the dolphins later and feed the seals. I know, i am such a kid but i love the animals! And of course I got to eat my favorite amusement park treat. CHURROS!!!

Prego face.

Look closely and you will see russ and lacey!

This was one of the performers and he was hilarious. He said that this was his cheesy sea world pose....

Glitter tattoos are the best!!!!

We came home watched a movie and fell asleep. Tues was the dreaded day of going home and just as I thought my vacation was coming to a close we got a sweet surprise! Mom and dad wanted to rent a pontoon boat for a few hours before we left (after we checked out.) Whoo hoooooo! We cruised the bay in the boat and got a fe more rays of sunshine before we had to cram in a car and drive 6 hours to the 115 degree weather of Phoenix. It was so relaxing and the weather was amazing. It was a great way to wrap up the trip.

Thanks mom and dad for the best vacation ever! it was so much fun!

Ok, I am so done with this post. It took me like over an hour to finish this. But I am proud of myself that I am getting caught up with my blogging! I just got back from vacation yesterday! Go me! (sorry if there are lots of spelling mistakes, i am not re-reading this whole thing)

Time for bed.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, because lets face it, it's better than a bunch of text.