Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My twin comes to visit

For spring break Lacey and her friend Danielle decide to come to Utah for their spring break! It was so fun to see her! We went to the Aquarium in Sandy and it was lots of fun! I like the animals, even if they just swim around. We went a a great time apparently because it was feeding time! We saw them feed an octopus and the best was the PENGUINS! They had a sea turtles and some small sharks too that were cool. But if you know me the BEST part was touching the STINGRAYS! We stayed there petting them for at least 15 mins. Danielle didn't want to touch them but Lacey and I LOVED IT! Thanks for coming Lacey!

We played banana grams and went to gardner village a cute little boutique shopping center where I used to work at Highlite (my old stomping grounds!). I love it there! We got a fairy kiss on our cheeks! (look closely and you will see a star of sparkles on our cheeks!) It was so fun!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drum roll please..........

Well here is the big news.


It's feels so weird. It doesn't quite feel real. I can't really imagine being a mom yet. It's freaky to think that there is something growing inside me. I feel like there is an alien in there or something. hahaha. But I am very excited. We have been trying since January so it didn't really take very long to get pregnant.

Man it is going to be fun to see a little mini Selena or Russ.

It's going to be even more fun to see Russ as a DAD
(and see him change some poopy diapers, hahaha).

There will be lots of changes coming up here soon.
Russ is graduating, we are moving to Arizona, Russ will be looking for new jobs, we will be looking for a place to live (possibly a house) and we will be having a baby. Wish us luck with that! I am ready for the new adventures that await us!


Last Saturday I had a rough day at work. I was stressed and grumpy. I had a busy, stressful, and not so good day. I worked 11 hours and left around 9:30pm. Looking forward to crashing at home with my hubby, I call Russ to see what he is doing. I had no idea that he was at BYU in a lab doing homework. So I was upset that he was not home and that I had such a crappy day. So what did I do? I went to Cold Stone. I got my oatmeal cookie batter mixed with banana and mix in coconut (my fav right now) and waited about a half hour to get it. Ok that made things a TINY bit better. On my way home I was passing a Walgreens, I was already about 2 days late on my period so i stopped to get a pregnancy test. I got home and took one. I have taken a few pregnancy tests in my day (all negative) and this time I waited the allotted 2 minutes and i saw a line I have never seen before.
Here is the first picture I took of it on my phone.

I immediately texted this pictures to Russ with a caption that said "hhhuuuummmmmmmm".

This was his response back.
"Hahahahahaha.......Oh buddy........"

that is so russ isn't is? haha

He came home right away and we were both really excited!

How do we tell everyone? That is our next question!?! Russ addressed the issue of waiting to tell people in case of miscarriage ect but if you know me I can NOT wait and i CANNOT hold something like this inside of me. So of course I needed to tell people right away. We wanted to be creative and to catch people off guard. So we decided to make a video and send it to everyone. Something kind of random but I think it worked really well. Here you guys go. Check out our video we made for family and friends. We just emailed it to everyone!!!

When I told my parents I just said "Hey check out this funny video Russ and I made!" and we watched them over skype and filmed there reaction. I think it is so funny that they all had such blank expressions. they were trying to comprehend what they just heard! hahaha!

Now of course I am telling the world. We hope and pray for a healthy HAPPY baby and we can't wait! I have yet to go to the doctor but i did one of those due date calendar things online and it says around November 4th! They funnest thing about this whole thing is that I will be near my family and friends! I can't wait!
I love you Russ! I'm so excited to start our family!


I am so glad it worked out for me to go to Vegas with Russ this year! I love going to the WPPI convention in Vegas! (photo convention) It is so much fun! It is motivating and inspiring. It's a great way to start off the new year! Russ classes got canceled so he was able to drive up with me. It was a very short trip, left monday night got back tues evening. But i was able to go to a few classes and the trade show out there. I got to se my LOVE Jerry (i will get to him in a bit) and have a nice quick vacation.

Well when we go there Tues night we checked into our hotel and I Russ and I were hungry. We knew there was a Chipotle on the strip so we decided to go walk the strip to find it. We stayed at the Excalabar and little did we know Chipotle was on the OPPOSITE end of the strip. It was a LOOONG walk. My feet were KILLINg (i wore flip flops, bad shoes) and i got blisters. It's one of those things that we walked so far we just had to go the whole way......

We got 2 queen beds instead of a king bed and our room was at the VERY end of this MASSIVELY long hallway!

Here we are on the vegas strip.

Russ forgot to wear his jacket so as we were walking he was super cold. He found a way to get warm, but he looked like an armless man!


The next day I got up early and attended Jerry Ghionis Class in the morning. He is one of my FAVORITE photographers of all time right now. He really knows his stuff. Love him. Russ met up with me and we went tot he trade show. I love the trade show. I get to see all kinds of new products and things for photographers. It is great.

russ looks so nerdy in this picture. hahahaha.
can't forget the kubota man!
The convention was held at the MGM Grand.

And last but not least, Jerry Ghionis. Russ got to see him at the trade show too ( a little mini class) and Russ likes him too. We have this new phrase in our house "what would Jerry do?" haha, he is awesome. If you don't know him know him. Check him out here. He will change your life. hahaha.


Me and Chrisanna at work get commonly confused by clients. We do look and act a little similar. One day we came into work and really did look very similar. We had to take some pictures because it was so funny.

-we both did not wear makeup
-we both wore our hair curly
-we both wore plaid shirts

Just take away Chrisanna's bangs you we r twins.