Monday, September 28, 2009

What has been going on lately!

Well I know I have been slacking on the blog. I just really haven't taking many pictures and I haven't felt like getting on the blog! So I am going to sit down and give you a few updates! Well I got the whole house clean finally! It looks awesome! This may be so easy for some of you but cleaning as most of you know, is not my favorite thing to do.

We are constantly getting spiders in our apartment. I'm not scared of them but we have to raid our front door like once a day. They still get in the house but then they just die. So we cleaned up this one corner of the house we had a few things piled up to take to DI and this is what I found. Ew.

Yes. those are all dead spiders! Sick I know!


Becky came to visit me a while ago and I never got to post these pictures! I had a Saturday off for once and Becky came on Friday! So we got to spend lots of time hanging out! We never get to hang out that much, it's always quick visits so it was nice to spend the whole day together! We went bike riding all morning and went shopping and had FUN! We went to my favorite antique/boutique shop and tried on funny outfits.

ANd of course we had to go eat chipotle! Love it!

The chain on Russell's bike kept breaking the whole time. it sucked.
Becky and I are not that coordinated. We kept falling off our bikes all day because they are a little big for us....this is a little reenactment.

We both took out some manual camera to take pictures with and I developed mine and there was nothing on the film! I was so sad! I took some "backup pictures" of us in case they didnt turn out!


Then Brooke and Brian came into town for a few days. I didn't take like any pictures. I did take some funny videos of lana though. (I'll have to post some later!( and this picture. It's a cookie as big as her head!


Then Angie Atkin got married! Highlite Photography shot her wedding so I just have a few from their dinner the night before! They looked sooo happy! Congrats Angie and Evan! We love you!

Me and Evan.
Bri was there too! i love bri!
Mom and dad
This is Roma and her twin!

Me and Angie!

the happy couple!
The final bill...

Since Angie was getting married My whole family came up! Russell's Mom was also In town taking care of Amy's foot after her foot surgery but I didn't get any pictures. sorry Dawn! Mom and Lacey were also here but they were gone when I was taking these pictures. haha. oppps.


We just celebrated Amy's birthday on Saturday! She still can't get around much being pregnant and having a sore, swollen foot! So we just came over and had some DELICIOUS cupcakes! Amy always has the best cake on birthdays!!!


So that is the quick update! I'll have to stop slacking on start taking more pictures!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things that I miss...

Living in a small basement apartment there a few joys and conveniences that I miss....

-A Dishwasher
- A Washer
- A Dryer
- A Disposal
- Windows to see outside (and window lighting)
- A Garage
- A backyard (with grass too!)
- A Doggie!
- Air Conditioning
- A shower with water pressure
- A quiet house ( no neighbors above our heads)
- A bed frame (and headboard!)
- More storage space (i have lots of stuff!)
- A bathroom in our bedroom
- A pool
- Good lighting in our house (not flood lights!)
- Cable TV
- No more Spiders
- Counter space (in the kitchen!)
- Ceiling fans (i miss those...)
- A home big enough that I can walk around and have more than one room!

Someday I guess..... until then I do love our little home sweet home but those things are nice to have!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I love Highlite

Does everyone know I work at the greatest place ever!?!? I currently work at Highlite Photography in West Jordan Utah. It was fate that brought us together. I was looking at Craig's list with my brother when I moved to Utah and I think he actually spotted their listing before I did. I emailed Mindy back and forth a few times until I finally got in for an interview. I showed up in my skirt (they have never seen me in again) and after the whole thing Mindy (without talking to Marc) yelled "you're hired!" Ever since then I have had such a wonderful experience working for them!

Marc has taught me so much about photography. He is very particular about his lighting and posing which has really pushed me to do the same. Because of him I feel more confident and comfortable with using different light sources to create my images. I used to be "all natural" with lighting but have developed a love for creating beautiful light. Now if only I could buy all the equipment he has I'll be set! Marc has taught me so much with business and life in general. I know sometimes I can be stubborn but I always come around right Marc!? =-) I have a fun time shooting with Marc and have grown to love him like family.

Well MINDY is the best boss ever! She is so silly and funny but very professional at the same time! I love her because she is not afraid to shake her bum at people to get a few laughs. She is a marketing genius and is always coming up with new ideas. She is great with people and treats our clients with real love and concern. Although the business keeps her busy her number one priority is her family. She is always thinking of her children first which makes her a SUPER MOM! Mindy and I are a lot alike and get along so great. I wouldn't want to work for anyone else! Mindy You ROCK!

Being up in Utah I haven't been very successful and having a ton of friends but everyone I work with makes me feel at home. I love Davi (we would be best friends if we didn't live so far from each other) her kids are so freakin cute and Cody is hilarious! Vi is amazing! She is my little buddy and has the cutest dogs around. Chloe is amazing (and hot!). Highlite Photography has become my adopted family. We have all laughed together, cried together, and really have developed a great bond that not all work environments have. Highlight Rocks! (am i getting brownie points!?) haha

Now for the video. Marc and I were early for a shoot and I decided to test out the video on our new 5D Mark II camera! I loved it! (yes and that black spot is a piece of dust on the sensor)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


SOOOO, if you haven't gone to allison and devins blog lately take a look at it. Allison, Bri, Mollie, Leigh Ann, Lacey, and Becky all got together and made a video that had to do with me. It was so funny! If you know me, you will get the video. Russ said he thought it was sooooo funny!

But They all got together to make a video about me. What amazing friends they are that they would all get together in honor of me and make me such a fun video! I have to admit I have never NOT been in a video so I was jealous at first that Lacey got to take my place but then I thought about it and I am really happy that they all got to get together and bonded! That's what friends are for! I just want to let the whole world know that I have the best friends in the world (not to mention sisters and sister in laws) and if anyone thinks they have better friends than me then I will fight them in the parking lot!

On a little more serious note, when I think about all of the people that have surrounded me in my life I know that God has placed these special people in my life to help me through tough times, to make me laugh until I cry, to share special moments with, to teach me, to love me, to make me a better person, and to bring me joy and hope throughout my life. These people I have grown such strong relationships with they are truly my sisters and family. I love all of you. Thanks for always telling me the truth (even if it hurts), for loving me for who I am and embracing it (we are silly!), for helping me always when I needed you, for being an example to me and for leading me through times when you may have not even realized I needed you. I know my friends are a loyal bunch and they will never go away. I'm obsessed with you guys too much so I pretty much will never let you go! Thanks for being the people you are, you have brought me so much happiness and love. I don't get serious much but I really want to let all of my friends (including sisters) how much I love and appreciate everything they do for me (and this is to all of my friends not just the participants in the video). I really would freak out without you. so thanks. =-)

Now for a special treat for all the video participants. (and I tried to post videos and pictures that go well with the video that they made me)

This is Becky by far the friend I've know the longest (besides you Ashley) and she thinks our friendship only started because I was using her to get rides to school from seminary. I was friends with her brother first but then I discovered her. Becky is an amazing girl. She loves music, she drives slow, and she likes to shop (and she pretty much buys whatever she wants!) haha, she is an amazing return missionary and is on the market for all you men looking for a hot woman! We were connected at the hip throughout highschool, roomed in college together (she survived the messy room) and we are still great friends. Becky has a listening ear, a kind heart and has the cleanest clearest skin of anyone I know (Allison you come close). She could be a spokesperson for multiple skin care products. Becky has been such a great loyal friend to me, I know she will always be by my side no matter what happens. She has helped me clean my room multiple times and has sat through my "reminiscing" moments where I make her look at lots of my pictures! Good thing she has become interested in Photography! Anyways I love my Becky. She has always been there for me, giving me great advice, always giving me directions when I am lost and she always makes time for me. You are the best.

This video was taken when becky and I were in Spain. You can't really tell what we are saying but I'm trying to talk to Becky in spanish. it was late. we were delirious.

Then there is Allison. Allison was always around in High School but I didn't quite get to know her until we both were missing a 5th hour in high school but we had a 6th hour. So we would hang out every 5th hour with each other to pass the time until out 6th hour. Medlock pictures were born, and inside jokes GALOR (Mr. Weel, sniffing, security golf carts, ect) THe sparks started flying after Allison left for school to Mississippi State. I think that Allison hated her roommates so much and she was so desperate for friends she reached out to her AZ friends. Devin and I we her most called friends, i became her friend and devin her husband. We talked like 2-5 times a day. It was crazy. I have predicted Allison's entire life so I can pretty much tell you she will have another baby soon. haha =-) We would joke about her coming to NAU and being my roommate and that soon became a reality! Allison came to NAU and we had an amazing time (some of my most favorite memories) making videos, talking on myspace from different computers, stealing Sarah's car, running to my room to escape the "noises", talking about the church, laughing until we couldn't breath and having the same lives. =-) She has been my light at the end of a dark tunnel. She can ALWAY make me laugh. She has the funnest wittiest personality, one of a kind. We are opposites in many ways but mesh completely well together. Allison is a great mother, a good lover (haha) and my friend forever. thanks. your "the bomb"

This was a good ol piano video at my house. I know you all have seen lots of videos of me and allison but this one may be new to you. I dug this one up someone deep in my computer. i love us.

Leigh Ann has been such a fun person around ever since we were in high school together. She WAS a part of the BIG 5 and I was not so she was pretty cool. I always remember Leigh Ann had all the guy friends and I probably secretly wanted to be like her. Leigh Ann mentioned something about her dog in Allison's video and for all of you who don't know that story I'll tell you. No one could remember the last time she or anyone had washed their poor dog. So being the dog lover I am I washed him so clean and i May have even groomed him a little. Knowing my love for animals you will not believe what they did to me. Not to long after I washed theri dog he passed away. So the next time I went over there they had put the dog in a box and told me to go look in it. I was probably so freaked out. After I forgave Leigh Ann we were friends again. I think Leigh Ann has become such a cute mommy and I love how much she cares for her two little boys. I love that even when she is pregnant she will make scandalous "milkshake" videos with her friends. Leigh Ann always makes me laugh because she says the funniest things! I can't wait to move down to Phoenix so we can be closer and we can bond even more! (Sorry Leigh Ann, I had a hard time finding pics of just the 2 of us!)

Sorry to note that the video I would post of Leigh Ann is the infamous "What is Blood video". You may have seen it if you have been in Mr. Prey's anatomy class at Mountain Ridge. good times....

My little Mollie is my little treasure. She really is a "diamond in the rough" as they would say on Aladdin. I first met Mollie in the jungles of Africa, aka Flagstaff Arizona. She was really an angel sent to save me because this is the time when Allison and Devin were madly in love and she was gone every weekend and I got pretty lonely. I ran into Mollie everywhere! She was in my FHE group, my ward and then I found out she had the SAME MAJOR and we had classes together! So we instantly had a photography bond and she was from Prescott. I knew a lot of people from Prescott too! Mollie is one of the few woman I was instantly OBSESSED with and who got my personality. Well, on second thought, I remember Mollie when she first met me didn't quite know how to take my sarcastic humor. She told me she sometimes thought I was being mean but then she finally realized that I was joking around. haha. I love my Mollie. Mollie is all over the place, constantly moving, always looking for an adventure, always up to doing anything. We have had so much fun going to concerts, repelling of a 200 ft bridge (SCARY!), going rafting, taking pictures galore, eating sweets, and talking about life. She is my buddy and has wonderful insightful moments. She is my Mollie Mormon and I would not have it any other way. thanks mollie. you're amazing!

Mollie will hate me for posting this one, but I thought it was very appropriate. I was taking a video of Mollie when she thought I was taking pictures of her. This was one of our many photo-shoots together and this is what I make her do haha.

Lacey is my sister.....and everyone thinks that we are the same person. That is why it is very funny that she is my stunt double in the video on Allison's page. She used to be the annoying "princess" little sister ( i think becky can remember this) but has become a pretty cool sister. She is freakin driving now! Crazy! She is pretty much the me I never was in high school, cuter, more outgoing, smarter, and more spoiled. haha. She has some pretty sweet editing skills (I have taught her everything I know) and has my sarcastic humor. No wonder she fits in with my friends so well, she is me born like 8 years later. Lacey is a good girl.....why are you so cute? I have talked to Russ about this. Lacey is such a cute girl! I wish I was that cute in Highschool. Lacey is always very helpful. I can ask her to do anything and (sometimes with a bribe) She will always lend a helping hand. I think when she was little I have tricked her multiple times in cleaning my room for me but she always still helped me out! She sent me all of the High School musicals for my birthday just because I said I loved the movie 17 Again. And a poster of his face WITH a camera. Good job Lace. Thanks for being an awesome sis.

One day we just got together and started singing. it was great. haha.

Most girls are probably pretty scared to marry into a family will all sisters. They could eat you alive when you are marrying the only boy. But we are so so lucky to have Bri in our Family! She fits in so well and we all love her so much! From the first time Ryan met her and we started hanging out with her I knew she was a keeper. She is so fun, nice, honest, and genuine. She is the sweetest girl ever with a little spunk! She always has a smile on her face and always has a helping hand. Bri, I'm so glad that you are not just my sister in law, but my friend too! You are great! I love you so much hottie! I'm dying without you! Counting down the days till we move back to Phoenix! But you will probably have like 9 babies by then. haha! i love you!

and bri i was going to post that make out video of ryan and you but I couldn't find it! you are so lucky! haha!

So as you can see I have amazing friends. I love them so much and am so greatful to have these people in my life. And not just to these people here on my blog, but to all of my family members and friends, I really appreciate everything you do for me and hope you feel my love for you. Thanks! I love everyone!