Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's officially winter.

So it has been snowing the last few days and let me tell you it's a pretty sight but it gets annoying.  I love the first snow when it blankets everything, it really is very pretty.  But when it takes me an hour to get to work instead of a half hour, I have to dig my car out of the snow, drive on ice, bundle up with a million layers just to take it all off inside again and have to defrost my windows because my windshield wipers are frozen to my car, then I start getting annoyed.  It snowing outside as we speak and the roads are so bad my employers told me I don't have to come in if I'm too nervous.  I'm going to try but we will see.  I'm just waiting a bit to see if the roads will clear up or if it stops snowing.  So I am blogging in the meantime.  Poor Russ he has to take a few finals today.  I know that is not the most exciting thing but he's almost done with the semester and off to Arizona we go!  So excited for that!  The snow does make it feel more "Christmasy" for sure.  I did get a little excited so I took some snow pictures yesterday.  I also took some pictures of sweet Lola playing out in the snow.  She is sick right now but still is as cute as ever.  Mommy had to come save her from the cold after a bit because I could have taken pictures forever but little sick lola was getting a little red from the cold.  Anyways,  I thought I would share with everyone.  

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Temple Square.

Well Dawn and Doug came up through Utah this last week to go up to Idaho to see Scott finally graduate! HAHA! Congrats Scott! Anyways we got to see them real quick and it was so fun! We went out to dinner and then to temple square. The lights were so pretty around the temple and it was pretty cold outside. There was a little snow on the ground but not too bad. I wish it was Arizona weather, I would LOVE it! But it's not, it;s cold here. anyways it was really nice to see them. And we got to go to grandma rawsons house to hang out Saturday (after our ward Christmas party) and hung out with the parentals Amy and Marcus and Scott. We played a fierce game of apples to apples and that was about it.

But we get to go home in 8 days! SO EXCITED! I'm real lazy with the blogs today. I just wanted to get some new pictures out there but didn't want to write much. Anyways enjoy!


I've wanting to go to Body World for a while and we finally went! Bri really wanted to go and Mollie came into town so we got a big group together and went. It was really interesting! I love stuff like that and I thought it was so cool. They didn't really look real though, kind of like plastic. But my favorite part was the development of a child, so cool! You get to see little test tubes with the tiny little baby aat like 6 weeks! The smokers lung was really cool to see. It really was ALL black! Do you know that 20 cigarettes a day produces 5 ounces of tar a day! Crazy! Then there was a camel that was discected so you could see the insides. It was HUGE! But ya, I really recomend it. Very educational, fun and interesting

we like to make frames

So Russ and I gathered millions of shells from Mexico so we could come home and make a frame. Ya, it took us only 5 months to get around to it. The shells sat in this cooler thing for a while and it smelled when we opened it. So we had to soak them in bleach and I think we left them in to long because the colors are really dull now. Anyways we went to buy a frame at DI and it had this weird picture in it still. I could not get it out so I just started to punch it out. It was way funner. We made on efinally and it looks good! We just need to get a picture in it still. That might take another 5 more months......

Lola and I's elve Adventure

Amy and Marcus came to my work and we all went shopping at Gardner village! I tried to distract Lola for a a little bit while mommy and daddy did some shopping. We found some elves and had a great time! I love Christmas shopping!!! Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! (a little late i know..)

It has been a while since my last blog.  I've been real busy and well nothing exciting has really happened worthy to blog.  But I just went down to phoenix for Thansgiving and it was amazing

It was a short trip, left after work on Tues, stayed Wed and Thurs and then back to Utah Fri morning and straight to work from the airport.  Ya I know, but someone had to pay the bills (and it's not Russ, haha).  It wasn't the most relaxing vacation, trying to cram as much stuff as we possibly could in, but we enjoyed it so so much.  Russ was texting me the countdown till we left.  We got to see Allison's wonderful baby (the new love of my life) and I just got so happy and so sad all at once.  I was so happy to see allison and devin and sam but a then I was sad that I don't ever get to see them.  It is just so depressing.  I miss them already!  How am i ever supposed to be the favorite aunt if I'm never around!?!  I can't let Whitney and Becca take that position!  haha.  I also saw Leigh Ann and her sweet babe Chance.  He is so so big!  And so smily and cute!  Here are a few pictures from our reunion....

We had to say our goodbyes but not until I stalked Sam and took as many pictures as i could!  Why is he the cutest thing in the world!  I'm going to premier these photos.  Allison has not yet seen all of them.  So here are a few!!  So cute!!

Anyways.  that is the new love of my life.  cute isn't he!?!

Well Thanksgiving went fast but it was a blast!  It was soooo refreshing to see my family and friends!!  I miss everyone so so much!  There is so much going on in everyones lives I am still trying to catch up!  We came down just in time to see and SMELL some Arizona rain and get some beautiful weather.  I wore a sweater one day and started sweating!  It's much colder in Utah and is only getting colder!  ew!  I miss Arizona!  Thanks to my parents we were able to come down and enjoy some good company, good food and good climate.  Why don't we live in Arizona again.  Oh ya, Russ is still in school......and will be.....for like.....2 1/2 years......I don't know if I can make it.  Haha, We've both just been a little homesick and busy with work and school lately that it was real nice to get a quick break.  i got to see my niece Madison and new nephew Tanner.  He is so big now!  Tanner and Sam met very quickly ad they were due around the same time but little Tanner came early so Sam has some catching up to do!  Madison is hilarious!  She talks her head off and the funny thing is you can't understand half of what comes out of her mouth!  She calls grandma "muga"  (she says it kind of backwards) and now repeats tons of things you say.  I was trying to seat-belt her in one day and I couldn't get her in so I said "dang it"  she immediately repeated the phrase and I could not help but laugh.  Mom gave me a weird look that "be careful what you say" look.  It was fun sleeping at home in my bed.  Although Russ and I are used to sleeping on separate ends of a king size bed and were forced into a queen (but it feels like a full)  So it was a little squishy.  He can't be by me in order for me to fall asleep, i need silence and well, Russ sleeps with is mouth open so I occasionally have to push him in the middle of the night from snoring anyways.  HAHA, i'm going on a tangent but ya.  I love my house.  I wish I could be closer to family.  It's more fun that way.  But Utah is our home now.  I know I do a lot of complaining but this is Russ and I's first home together so I better have fun while it lasts.  We really have nothing to complain about.  We have a nice place to live I have a great job, Russ has the opportunity to attend BYU and finish his education so we are happy.  It's late and I think I am rammbling on and on. But the point it we had fun.  We miss Arizona.  We miss family.  We misse friends.  We want a vacation.  and it was a fun trip!  Can't wait to see everyone again for a longer trip at Christmas.  Dec 23rd to the 4th!  Love everyone!  Here are some fun fam photos!