Thursday, September 16, 2010

Should Russ be doing HOMEWORK?

This is what Russ is doing.

This is what russ should be doing.

I have been home now for about 2 hours now and he has been playing xbox the whole time. I am just taking a guess but I bet he has at lease 4 hours of homework. PLEASE comment on this post explaining what you think he should be doing right now. This is just a simple survey.

Xbox or homework?

You be the judge......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleepover with Lana

So I told Brooke when she came into town
I wanted to have Lana over for a sleepover!

When I told Russ he wasn't too sure about it but we had lots of fun! I wanted to take her out to do something fun so we went to the nicklecade! Lana loved it! It was like 8:30-9ish when we got there. We got a bunch of nickels and went to town! We started slow riding the motorized walmart semi-truck. My question is why is it a walmart truck? kind of random.

Then we started getting into the more difficult games like trying to catch the popcorn

Or squashing the spiders. We played baskeball (but lana was too short so I had to hold her up), we played skeeball and soooo many more! We had so much fun, and just when I thought the night couldnt get any better, the amazing happened. Lana played a game where you had to drop a bouncy ball down and it landed in a hole. The hole told you how many tickets you got. Here is a picture of it.....

We played it a few times in the beginning of the night. Then we returned to it later in the evening. I let Lana put her own coins in and push the button when she wanted to, and to my surprise


She got about 350 tickets from this one game it was so exciting!! At first when all the tickets started pouring out Lana didn't quite know what to think of it, she may have thought she had broke the machine, but when I told her she WON and that all those tickets were hers to get PRIZES she was so happy!

We had a blast! Even Uncle Russ has some fun (I mean it was video games, how could he not love it!) Anyways here are a few more pics of the nickelcade! Lana won more tickets than Russ and I combined.......

We gave Lana all our tickets and she piked out her prize. A soft doggy, some sunglasses, and a sucker!

The fun was not over yet, on the way home we got a icecream cone from McDonalds and then came home, took a bath and watch a movie! Lana picked out ET because her mom informed her that ET was a "nice" alien so she liked him. Halfway through the movie she turned to me and whispered to me that "I was supposed to make her popcorn" which is true, I did tell her that. How do they always remember?! So I made it for her (which I think she took like 5 bites and was done...) and she fell asleep before it ended around 12:30. It was a long fun filled night! Thanks Brooke for letting her sleep over! We loved it!

Then today I babysat Braden while Brooke, Brian, and Lana went to the dentist....Brooke told me what to do with him, lunch, bottle, feed him 8 ounces, nap time, remember to change diapers, where his toys and binkie's were, watch him so he doesn't eat stuff off the ground ect, ect. Russ went to work and I stayed home to watch him (I had the day off work). Russ texted me a few hours later and said "Is Braden still alive?" implying that I don't know how to take care of small children. Well I have a picture to show it all....

I guess he was dead.....DEAD ASLEEP. =-) i did good, he was an easy happy boy.
It was fun to have them in town! I'll miss you!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Battle of the TOILET SEAT

All of our marriage I can not remember Russ having any serious problems with putting the seat down on the toilet.

And honestly I don't really care all that much if he leaves the first seat up every once and a while. But lately, I don't know WHAT has happened, he is leaving the second part of the toilet seat up!!!

Let me paint you a pretty picture.

Imagine this, Waking up in the wee hours of the morning from an urge to go to the bathroom. Half asleep you walk to the bathroom, tripping over your own feet because you are so tired. My eyes are still half closed so turning the lights on in the bathroom is not an option, it's way to bright. Then finally making it to the toilet, you sit down to relieve yourself and you FALL IN THE TOILET!!

The first time it happened I screamed and then forgot all about it later on in the day, but when it happened again the very next day I informed Russ of the problem. Now for the past week or two I have been finding it up EVERY SINGEL DAY! And I don't know how this all came about. It was a sudden change in behavior that i can't explain. It is so bad I had to start threatening him by telling him I was going to throw all his wet towels on the ground (his pet peeve), that still didn't work, so I did, I threw them all on the floor and I feel like it has started to get better.

And in the last post I told you that I found the cutest chair at DI.

Well I lied

because I just found the most Amazingly beautiful chair at another DI for $20! I am in LOVE with it!

PLease just stare at it. It is amazing.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goals everywhere!

One day I woke up to get ready for work.

Since I automatically started my new job as soon as I got back to Utah I feel like I haven't gotten everything situated since I have been home.

So i look around and the house is a mess, i feel fat and bloated and I know I need to work out. I have been wasting WAY too much time on the computer and facebook lately for no reason.

I feel drained, disorganized and a complete mess.

So I decided to write down my goals. Everything that I am struggling with right now I wrote them down so I can try and improve.

I show these goals to Russ and he is very happy I want to make goals and change things for the better (aka, a clean house and cooked meals for him!).

He was so excited in fact that when I came home from work I found photocopies of my goals all around the house......

Good ol Russ.....

As you can see, there are still dirty dishes to be cleaned but I am well on my way! I cleaned up the bathroom and living room today and it feels really good! I made spaghetti last week and I want to make a new recipe this week.

Any suggestions?

And today I went to Di and found a really cool chair for $10! It may not look like a lot to most of you but for a photographer I thought it was beautiful PERFECT FOR LITTLE KID PICTURES! I thought it was a great find! If anyone ever sees anything cute let me know! I just am not too sure where to store it. haha. oh well. That's all for today!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Little Russipoo's Birthday.

Well Russ celebrated his 24th birthday this month.

Man we are getting old aren't we.

Remember I am a year older so I am definitely getting older! Where does the time go!? I am so scared to get old I want to be young forever! But don't worry, at work the other day I told a client that I was married and she said "wow, you barely look old enough to be married". She probably still thought I was in high school or something. I get it a lot actually so I guess that is a good thing right?

Anyways, we celebrated it in Phoenix and had a grand birthday dinner for him. Russ picked out where he wanted to eat and of course it was a steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse to be precise! He loooooves his steak (and I love there bread and sweet potatoes!) It was really fun! We invited both my side and his side of the family to come and eat!

The kids didn't want to sit still so they decided to roam around. In the process Tanner managed to spill a whole cup of water on my pants. At least it was water right?

The funniest part of the whole night was that they bring out a sadle and you have to get on it and ride it while the people at the restaurant sing to you! It was hilarious! I was surprised he did it! I'm was awesome!

Then we went home and had cheesecake (his favorite, made especially from mom) and we opened presents! I had he best present ever! I thought of it a year ago. So if you go to lids you can have any image digitized and put on a hat! Well I got a drawing of Russell's from when he was in middle school of a stick figure afro man dribbling a ball and got it put on a hat with his childhood nickname "gamez". I thought it was the greatest. I think he liked it (he wears it a lot!) I love him!
Happy Birthday month Russ!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally printed some family pics!

I was so excited to print my family pictures and hang them on my walls! I updated the "family wall" and then got a few bigger ones to hang of my whole family. I love new pictures!