Wednesday, June 30, 2010

stars and stripes

Since the 4th of July in coming up I thought that it would be appropriate to share the image with you. So Russ and I were driving down the road the other day and came across this guy.

I like that it says "proud conservative American."

Russ and I thought it was pretty sweet.
He even honked his horns.

Happy early 4th of July.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthdays and Father's Days!!!

Allison came over to hang out at the house and we decided that is was time to go eat some ice cream. (again, it's all about the food). We decided to go to our old Dairy Queen on 67th and Deer Valley to satisfy are craving. First off the cashier was very unfriendly. I think he hated me because it took me forever to order. There are so many things there and I haven't been there for a while. While we were there we ran into Russell's parents! What a small world! hahah, it's so funny to live in Arizona and run into people we know. It is so fun! Here is Allison and I stuffing our faces. (You would think Russ didn't exist when I am with my friends....I didn't even take a picture of him. He was there.....)

Well it was Brooke and Nikki's Birthday last Sunday AND Father's day so it was so full day! We had Grandma and grandpa, and Ryan and Bri come over for dinner. Later Aunt Veronica and Uncle Mike with the cousins Jeremy and Kelly and James and Maggie came over for HOMEMADE ICE CREAM CAKE!!!! THANKS VERONICA, IT WAS AMAZING! (Yes we are EATING again) Nikki and Jake and the babies came over for BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! We sang happy birthday and opened Nikki's presents along with Dad's Father's day Presents as well. It was so much fun to see the family. I love living in Arizona. It's pretty much the funnest thing ever. It's pretty amazing not having to go to work, and going to the pool everyday, sleeping in, and hanging out with friends and family whenever I want. Yes, it's ok. You can be jealous. haha. =-)

Bri by her lonesome....

Who do you think would win in a fight? Jeremy or Ryan? Close call....
My BFF Ryan.
Ronnie and Kelly just hanging out while I stalk averyone with a camera.

Nikki (The birthday girl!!) and Maddi
Dad's new license plate for Bumblebee
All the fam gathered around for present time!
Poor Maggie has to sit with all these boys...
Nikki's present for dad! so cute! Look how skinny he was!
Maddie and Grandma and Grandpa
The Mullaly's!
James and Maggie! So cute together!
The amazing Sorensen's!
That is Madison's double chin face....

Russ is working for my dad through the summer. We bought him some cute new work cloths (business casual) that he doesn't seem to own. He likes what he is learning there and is making the bucks to pay our bills.....And as for me, well I am starting my own photography business finally! I got my website up and I am SOOOOO Excited!! I just registered my trade name "Sorensen Studios" and now it is all mine! i have lots to do but it is very fun and exciting for me! So you BETTER check out my new website! I think it's a good start!!!

and if you have facebook! Go be my fan! I am giving away a free portrait session on June 30th and just for clicking "like" you are entered!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When you start hanging out with your best friends you start looking like them.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Costley's are the BOMB

So the theme of Arizona so far is EATING> I SWEAR I am going to gain like a million pound living here. But Mollie decided to throw me a late birthday dinner! I am always so EXCITED to go to mollies house for dinner because she always makes the most DELICIOUS FOOD! She made this AMAZING coconut bread! Here is the recipe on her blog! SOOOO GOOD!

Well, she made us sloppy joe. Don't be fooled, it was made from SCRATCH. Basically the most amazing Sloppy joe I have EVER HAD! She had strawberries and chips and salsa and this amazing jelloish pudding stuff (i can't remember what it was called). We went and ate and got full and laid around and played games. I love days like these. I love my friends.

I told the boys to ask like mollie and I would in a picture. this is what they did.....

me and my mollie!

this is spencer's "LOVE FACE"

This food didn't last long with this group. We ate it all gone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Eating ourselves to death.

Soooooo, I went over to Allison's the other night and we were hungry. I wanted Chipotle, Allison wanted KFC (pregnant lady cravings) and Russ wanted Taco Bell. Well, we decided to go to all three places to make everyone happy. And yes. we were all happy except for the fact that we were full and stuffed and felt like fatties. But I love Chipotle. It's basically amazing.

My internet sucks.

I am wireless at my parents house and it is soooo painfully slowww! It takes forever to upload pictures! I will try my best! I went camping in Utah right before we left on our adventure to Arizona. (don't worry i will blog about AZ very soon) I miss all of our friends up there! I wonder what they are doing right now!? Lacey and her friend Sarah came along with the one and only BECKY! We had a great time until we went to sleep and FROZE TO DEATH. it was the most miserable night of my life. I never want to camp in freezing cold again. Non of us slept well and all woke up in bad moods. But other than that it was a great time! Any time I get to roast marshmellows i am in heaven!