Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun with Friends

Well it has taken me FOREVER to post about the greatest week ever!  Allison, Devin and Sam along with Jessica, Ian and Halle were ALL IN TOWN IN THE SAME WEEK!  WOW!  Talk about amazingness!  It was the best time of my life!  This is going to be a long post so be prepared!

We first spent our Easter with my parents earlier in the day then over to the Blairs we went.  Then Jessica, her mom and amy (sorry if I forgot anything) made a wonderful Easter dinner!  I tried to make my aunts famous pretzel salad for the occasion and I think it was a hit!  i LOVE IT!  We all ate and were stuffed with yummy food.  Russ and I were going to do easter baskets for each other but we ended up not doing anything for our first easter together  How lame are we!?  I bought him an easter basket but then didn't have time to fill it.  We even made an effort to go out and get stuff the night of before easter but there was nothing and they were even packing it up.  I guess there is always next year.

Anyways the girls wore the cutest matching dresses that amy MADE.  GO AMY!  They were so freakin cute.  You don't know how long it took me to get this picture of the girls together.  Halle is a little adventurist!

Happy Easter!!

Jessica and Ian and Ian's brother and wife were there too!  Not to mention Ian's mom and Jessica's mom and sister joined us later in the week.  It was a party!
Amy is doing the dishes.  Don't worry.  I helped.
You gotta have fun friends pictures!

It's the only way I can prove to the people I work with that I really do have friends....

We did a lot of eating on that week, which is fine by me! We went to Rubio's and ate some mexican food! mmmmm!  Me and Lola love food.  

Do they look related!?
Lola and her mommy.  
We made them sit in the corner by themselves for obvious reasons.
I was going to made a caption that had to do with the guy in the background.  but nothing came to me.  
After a while we didn't even flinch when this happened.  It really does just fly's out suddenly.  Good ol sam.  We love you.  (I let devin wear a sweatshirt of mine that was covered in spit up as well as the sweater that i let Allison borrow.)  haha, Allison watched Sam spit up and is so used to it that she doesn't even try to wipe it off her anymore.  

The weather was all weird while they were all here. It was nice one day then it snowed another day! CRAZY! It was snowing on the way up on Allison and Devin's drive! and Allison had the flu and had to stop to throw up a bunch. I'm sorry guys! But I hope it was worth it! It really is so fun to have people here to hang out with. I mean Amy is my only friend. haha.

Halle tried on my boots, They were HUGE.  it was funny.
This is the baby club.  I wasn't invited in the picture. or in the club.  I still belong to the "I'm obsessed with myself" club.
We could be lesbian parents in the picture.  haha. 
 It snowed so much one day and then melted SO FAST the next day.  I was determined to build a snowman before it all melted away.  No one else was really interested except the kids.  Thanks to Ian for taking some of these pictures!

You can't have allison and selena together and not take a few mirror pictures!

I had to work a lot of the time they were here but I wanted to squeeze as much fun time as I could with them!  We had a wonderful plan to go to Thanksgiving point to the tulip festival but you take hungry boys + lots of kids + a stupid person that doesn't know her directions (me) = late the the festival.  We still went to hang out for a bit, spend enough time to take some fun pictures together!  If you notice that Russ is not in a lot of these pictures, it's because he is a busy boy.  He had his finals week this week so I told everyone that he didn't exist because he couldn't hang out with us much at all.  But anyways look at the beautiful fun amazing friends and couple pictures.  and don't forget the sweet girls!

Marcus and I are a couple.  the cat is out of the bag.
On Saturday morning, little Devin got the Flu too and was throwing up.  We stole Allison for a bit and went on a drive trow Provo canyon.  It was a nice drive and nice weather too!  Little Sam fell asleep and so he missed out on the fun photo shoot! Allison is one HOT MAMA. And i apologize in advance for the pictures I'm posting. haha. We had a little picnic out there and I really just wanted to do something relaxing after a pretty busy week.

Allison posed this one.  haha, he looks like a little girl.
I feel like "the ring" girl should be crawling out of that well at any minute.
This is how Allison breaks free with no husband and no baby.  She's wild!
Hot Stuff!

It;s coming back into style.
Russ the strong man.
Once again.  I love myself.

We know what to do when there is a camera around.  self timer.

my sexy husband.

We saw DEER!!!  Ok, actually Russ and I didn't see them at all until Allison pointed them out and were had to reverse to see them.
And last but not least becky and mollie came into town Saturday night and we all got together and played games.  It was fun!  Here are a few more pics to wrap it up.  I'm sure you are already pictured out.  but i'm not.  i love them!
"touch your tongue to your nose"
"eat your foot"
"kiss becky"
"gross face"
"be one of those girls that thinks they're hot stuff"