Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ya i'm 23 years old.

So this whole thing started with a YouTube video that Russ and Ryan find very funny. If you go and search "Ghost Ride It" and find a bunch of black guys dancing with a bus you have found the right video. Well One day Ryan sayd "let's ghost ride the whip tonight" and we didn't think he was serious. Later he calls us "I have like 8 people who want to do this video lets go." So Russ and I with all our younger single friends go out to make the video Ghost ride the whip. Ya, I'm 23 years old. But i know at least Scott and Allison will appreciate this one.

Click on the link below to view the video

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 7/31/08

Floating down the river

Well I've been real busy and haven't been able to post much lately. You think life would slow down after the whole wedding but you know what it hasn't at all. It seems that Russ and I are always busy running errands, doing things like getting health insurance, cleaning house, going to work, and just all kinds of things that are not fun. We need to make time for more FUN! One day Mollie just asked us "you want to go floating down the provo river?!" We had plans to clean up the house but we decided to go, we needed to get out and have some fun! So me Russ, Ryan and Mollie went to go buy tubes at Big O but it was the 24th (pioneer day) and everything was closed. So we ended up going to big 5 and buying a 4 person raft! It only is supposed to hold 400lbs (which is ryan and russ alone) and we didn't bother to buy paddles. So we were all squished in a raft floating down a rather fast river with no paddles dodging rocks, sitcks, and logs using flip flops and a stick to steer. It was lots of fun

Friday, July 25, 2008

Poor Charles...

So for those of you who don't know, my car's name is Charles, Charlie for short. We ran into a small problem the other day....

So here I was on my day off minding my own business. I was just out and about running errands, going to the bank, the grocery store, the usual. I decided that I was going to do something nice fore Russ and decorate his car while he was at work. I remembered that Kmart had a Photobooth that cost only one dollar so I was going in there to take pictures of myself to put on Russell's car. When I got there to my surprise I found that the photobooth was "out of order". A little dispappointed, I decided to look around the store for some other goodies I could leave Russ. Ah, I found the Cheese its, perfect. I proceeded to pay for them and walk out. Not even 10 minutes had gone by since the last time I saw Charles and I came out and to my shock i found this.....

I was confused at first. How could an entire cart rack thing fall on top of my car. Well went inside to inform the Kmart employees to find out that an idiot truck driver hit it and took off. Cool huh. But the story has a happy ending. Kmart is taking car of all of the damages. So all is well.   But The moral of the story is.....Don't shop at Kmart.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lola is ONE!

Well Russ and I went to Lola's birthday party last Friday and it was a BLAST.  There were pizza, sidewalk chalk, the best cupcakes EVER, and kids everywhere.

 I of course was the hired photographer for the event ( I bet Amy loves that I am her sister in law just because I can take pictures of Lola ALL THE TIME).  Lola was so cute in the homemade tutu and shirt.  GO AMY!  Looked like she had a good time, she likes her presents, her cake and her company.  She is one happy 1 year old.  here are the pictures!  enjoy!

Here is Dawn.  Bother her Doug, and Kerri came to support Lola.

Grandma came by to and Russ gave her a very warm welcome. He is so cute. Lola is seen here digging into the delicious pizza. (which I think I ate more than Russ) and As you can see, the Sidewalk chalk was a HIT!


These are like the only 2 pictures of me from the party. I know when you are the Photographer you just don't get in pictures. But Russ was trying to take pictures of me, but I'm not sure he has learned quite how to work the "big camera" yet....Lola's little friends sure do love her....

And here is the main event.....EATING THE CUPCAKES!

And just a few more pictures. because lets face it, we love them....