Monday, April 23, 2012

Bathtime and sleeping.

I'm still playing a little catch up with my blog. I took these pictures in March of her (so you can see....I have quite a bit of catching up to do!) Newborn Brynn was such a sleepy baby but not the best sleeper at night. Well now Brynn is a great sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months, she takes about 3 naps a day still right now (and she is almost 6 months!), she goes down without a fuss, she can sleep through noise and even fall asleep in the most uncomfortable positions. Here is one of those times....I left the room and came back to her like this.

She also loves her bath! She love licking the water, kicking around and playing with her toys. Whenever I pour water on her face she takes a deep breathe and jumps a little like she is scared. It's kind of funny.

She has learned to sit up since Easter and I have let her sit up in her baths now. A few days ago I gave her a bath in the sink and let her sit up on her own. I was watching her but the sink was so slippery and she is not the greatest at sitting up yet she slipped so fast and fell right under the water! AAHHH! I grabbed her and pulled her out and she was shaking and crying...It was soooo sad! I think she was a little traumatized. Let just say I hold her now in the sink.
But even after that she still loves her baths.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Einstein is Brynns best friend

Well, I am not one to want my children to sit in front of the tube and rot their brains out but lately Baby Einstein has been helping me get things done around the house and helping me with catching up with my photography business as well. I sometimes feel guilty as a mom placing her in front of that colorful, mesmerizing TV but it is so nice to keep her occupied here and there to help me get things done. AND BRYNN LOVES IT. How does this little show keep her so obsessed? I just don't know but that woman who made it is a genius. My most recent discovery I have made with baby Einstein is that not only does it keep Brynn entertained, but it also puts her to sleep.
It's a great tool to get her to go down for naps without a complain. =-)

(one day I came out this funny sight!)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Caught her on tape.

Brynn likes to laugh....When she wants to.....
There is not one specific thing that makes her laugh. She has to be in the mood and sometimes random things can make her wiping her bum. She is so funny. So because of this it is very hard to catch her on video laughing. I never am quick enough or prepared enough to catch it. But Russ was home this time next to me with his cell phone and we caught this little treasure on video. Love her laughs!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Balancing Life.....

I am having trouble finding balance in my life. How on earth am I supposed to run a business, retouch, call/email clients, fulfill orders, blog on my photography blog, clean my entire house (meaning vacuuming, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, picking up, sweeping....) make dinner, blog on my personal blog, take pictures of my sweet Brynn, have play dates with friends, have dates with my husband, find personal time for myself, read Brynn books and spend time with her, feed her every 3 hours, put her down for naps, walk Domino and play fetch with him, visit family, ready my scriptures, do laundry, hang up clothes, and eat healthy and exercise????? I fear that I am horrible at BALANCE. My life is crazy right now and I can't get everything done. How do I do it? It seem nearly impossible to me. My sweet sweet mother just hired someone to come clean my house (which is embarrassing but appreciated) I haven't lost a POUND since I have had Brynn (even when I go through my spurts of exercise and dieting nothing seems to be working and I can't keep consistent) I rarely go on date with Russ (which I TREASURE) and I feel like I am always on the computer working and ignoring Brynn.....haha....This is so tough! I need to SLOW it down and GET focused! But I feel like there is SO MUCH TO DO all the time that if you know me I just have a problem with FOCUS! I tend to start like 10 things but never finish them. How am I supposed to do this all?! and I only have 1 child and she isn't even crawling yet. What am I going to do when she is on the move all day long!? haha, oh man....Life is overwhelming. HELP! Any suggestions on how to accomplish all that I need and want to do! I just can't seem to figure it out.

With all that said....I am going to catch up on my blog. I will post short blogs with little tidbits of our life so I don't stress out and freak out. haha. I want to remember all of Brynn's discoveries and accomplishments. (I print my blogs as my journals) So this blogging thing is important to me.

Last month (at 4 months old) Brynn did the sweetest thing. She discovered her toes. I was so excited to watch her get so excited over these little piggies that of course I had to document it. and boy is she sweet. =-) She also enjoys chomping on her fingers. (i love the picture of the finger in her's so her right now!)