Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Camping with Papa and G.

My mom and dad were planning on going camping in their RV on Tues and randomly asked if me and Brynn wanted to tag along the Sunday before.  I had nothing going on so of course we went to hang out with them for a few days.  We drove up to a beautiful RV campground in Sedona and it really was beautiful!  We parked our RV right off a creek surrounded by tall beautiful trees.  So peaceful, green and cool.....very different from the climbing temperatures of the desert in Phoenix.  I'm pretty sure Brynn could happily live there.  surrounded by dirt, rocks, dogs galor, and the stream, she was in HEAVEN.  Our daily routine consisted of taking walks, playing in the dirt and collecting rocks and flowers, petting the nearby dogs, and playing in the creek and throwing rocks in the water.  I really don't think she would ever get bored of it.  Mom was amazing and took Miss Brynn and kept her company while I took some nice naps.  I wasn't sleeping well at night because I slept in the same room as Brynn and she could see me.  So of course she would wake up in the middle of the night or SUPER early and tug on my blankets from her pack and play and cry.  It was great.  haha. 

We also went to cottonwood and when to an amazing antique shop, when to a movie (star treck) In Sedona one night, and took a drive to the sedona shops and Flagstaff shops one day.  It was so nice to be up there.  I miss my Flagstaff!  But don't worry, this pregnant girl got to eat at her favorite sandwich place up there, Crystal Creek Sandwich Company.  That alone was worth the trip! (Boy do I sound like a fattie!)  Anywhoo, Thanks to mom and dad for letting us hang out up there with you.  Brynn and I had a blast!

Oh yah, and I saw this amazing field up where we were staying and had to take a few photos of Brynn in it.  This is Brynn all natural, mullet and all (I'm not even sure we brushed her hair.)  And of course she has those eyebrows.  She loves to give dirty looks these days. 

Brynn also learned how to say Papa on this trip!  It's so cute!

Sorry Russ!  We missed you!

Happy 28th to me!

Yes this is my 4th blog post in one day.  I'm motivated today.  Well I turned 28 this year.  YEP the big 2 8.  OH BOY.  I'm creeping up on 30.  How do I still feel so young?  How is my ten year high school reunion this year?  Where does the time go?  It's crazy!  Well Russ had his hands full this month because mothers day and my birthday fell in the same week.  And well, I kind of always have high expectations.  I know I should give him some slack (because he does work so hard and long hours lately) but it's in my blood, what can I say. 

My birthday was a BLAST.  I woke up to this HUGE handmade posterboard card outside my door.  Best surprise EVER.

So I found out Russ actually took the day off work (a Monday) which is very unlike him to take my boating at lake pleasant!  What a great surprise!  I packed a cooler for us, got everything ready to go and dropped Brynn off around 10am with my sister and met up with Russ.  We drove down there and it could not have been a more beautiful day!  It was windy, not too hot and cloudy!  Russ said his original idea was to take my jetskiing but then he remembered I was pregnant.  haha.  So that limited his options a little.  But I loved boating.  We got fishing licenses and went fishing too!  Did we catch anything?  No. Have we ever caught anything?  No.  But we are working on it. 

I had these little duck friends that kept following us around the lake because I fed them.  Oooooppss.... but it was pretty funny.  The water was pretty cold still so we just relaxed, fished, saw a few wild donkeys, ate lunch and cruised the lake for 4 hours.  It was awesome.  Thanks Russ, it was such a wonderful birthday!