Thursday, January 28, 2010

I know it's almost Feb, give me a break....

So I know that I am way behind. i just haven't been in the blogging spirit lately. Maybe if I did exciting things in my life I would want to share them. but, i don't. So i have to make Christmas last longer because I miss home already. So Here is Fun Christmas morning pictures! I LOVE christmas morning especially at my house! It lasts like half of the day. I don't know how everyone else does Christmas but at the Reid residence each person opens there own staking and everyone watches and then we all open gifts one by one. I know Russell's family probably thinks that that is CRAZy since they all just dig into their presents and I can't figure out what is going on because it is CHOAS hahaha, but I like the way we do it. It makes it last longer. Until 2 o'clock to be exact. Ryan and Bri, The Mullaly's and Russ and I joined Lacey and my parents to open up gifts. it was a fun time. I love CHRISTMAS!


Yes, Ryan got Propane for Christmas.....

I thought these were didn't know I was taking his picture while he was goofing off with Madison....
Bri was extra surprised when she got two rings for Christmas from RYAN!
My mom got Russ a box of cereal and snacks.....
As you can tell he got a kick out of it.
and so did my mom....
dad got some new shoes from ryan to play bball!
Nikki Painted me this canvas. So good huh!?
Now this is just freaky.
Madison was loving her new vanity mirror set.
now she is a new woman
Tanner loved his train!
Ohhhhhhh VANESSA!
I love this picture of russ. he is so cute!
Can't say the same about ryan. hahaha.
i weirdly like that my dads face is just so out of focus. he thought he was in the picture....but he is really not...hahaha
oh there is a picture of MMEEEE! I made Russ take these...
Nikki is Pretty excited for her necklace if i do say so myself....
now who doesn't just LOVE HIM!?!?
Nikki is getting a little too excited.
Now why does she look so cute!? It's Christmas morning!
Bri is testing out the purfume.....
Michael Jackson.
Russ and his bannana game.
Mom is watching her fam. she is probably crying inside.
Oh lacey. the child who doesn't need a christmas because she gets everything she wants....
madison with donut left on her face...
I love those glasses! He smiled right up when he put those on!
I really like this picture of jake!
ANd you wonder where we get the weirdness from?
Ryan is a HAPPY BOY!

Nikki and Braden! (these are not from Christmas morning but I thought I would throw them in here)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i love my husband.

i came home from work one day to find this. (notice how i have eaten one of the treats already)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

thought I would be funny

So, this is Mindy a.ka.--Selena's boss--I went to blog something on our work blog and this pulled up--who wouldn't want to blog on someone elses blog?! What a surprise?! Just want you to all know that we love Selena and will not give her back to the good ole' Arizona folks!

Hee Hee!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun Christmas Parties!

I had a few fun Christmas parties I went to before we went to Phoenix! It was way fun! I had a work Christmas party where we went to the Melting Pot! Marc was surrounded by all women so you could imagine how fun it was! haha! It was so much fun and the food was AMAZING! I don't know how i managed to eat all that I did!! We pretty much had to be carried out in wheel barrels we were sooooo full!

Here is me showing off my fullness at the end of the night.

Then We had a fun Christmas party with our friends in Utah! we ate, played games and had a sweet elephant gift exchange where we shared our family traditions with one another. so fun! I was not in the sock club at the party but then i got jakes present (which had army socks in it!) It was a good party.Christmas + friends + presents = Amazingness.