Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fine, I will blog!

I guess I got the hint to get my blogger butt back in business when my sweet Russ posted a blog for us the other day. I used to be soooo into blogging I don't know what happened! I will try to be better!

Christmas was a blast for Russ and I. It was a quick trip down to Phoenix like usual PACKED full of fun things! Since both of our families live within 10 minutes of each other we have lots of family time! It's so nice to see our families all in one trip but it is challenging! We are constantly running back and forth to each families house plus seeing our friends as well as a few photoshoots I had while I was there. So it was slammed packed. And since we were only home for 1 week instead of 2 it was one busy week.

So I have a problem....I lost the cord for my camera and I can't get my pictures off it (because my stupid computer can't read my HC SD card). So I only have some pictures but I will find a solution soon. That is why I haven't blogged! I can't get the dang pictures off my camera!

So here are a few pictures from my new Canon 5D Mark II. YES I FINALLY GOT IT! WHOO HOO!

All of these pictures are mostly from Christmas morning. The WHOLE family was here for Christmas which has never happened before! So it was soooo fun! Of course it took all morning because we like to open one present at a time but I like to make Christmas as long as possible! IT's so much fun that way!

Lana is opening her stockings!

Don't ask.....

Brooke looking hot on xmas morning.


Maddi already posing for the camera.


Russ got me 2 paris of the same sunglasses cuz i lose and break them so easily!

My ornament fot his year. facebook. love it.

all the girls got rings this year!

love nikkis reactions....

We are a jewelry family.

Russ liked his Call of Duty ornament

And we all liked ryans hot wing pretzels SOOO GOOOD!

I got all the girls a necklace this year, i matched it to their personality and style!

Lana stealing tanners toys!

Nikki got russ is all time favorite!

And made him a cereal bowl!

Mom and dads book we made them of our greer trip from this last summer!

Ryan and his new tools

Lana fits in a box. She is small.

Bri got a new camera!

Nikki made that frame! So cooool! that is jakes baby (the truck) he had to sell it....

Nikki is one excited girl!

Sharing the love.....

Yes, I cried. Russ drew this for me and it was SUCH A SURPRISE. caught me WAY off guard!

Here is the mess after the present opening extravaganza!

Little Ruby with her favorite hat, had to throw this one in here.

Grandpa and his cowgirls!

There will be more to come as soon as I can figure out how to get the pictures off my camera! =-)