Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catch up - December 2012 - Picking out a Christmas Tree!

Russ and I spent a lot on our first real Christmas tree the first year in our house.  Well we were determined to get a better deal the second year.  Of course we were a little late on getting the tree up but we wanted it not to be crispy by Christmas.  BUT the downside is that we didn't have the best selection when we went looking.  We went to a few Christmas tree lots and the trees were expensive and ugly.  We should have said yes when Russ dad offered to pick on up from Costco but I really wanted to pick it out myself.  We ended up finding a really cute tree at the Home Depot lot for, get this.... $20!  Smokin deal!  I loved our tree that year! (and the price...)  We will see if we can do the same this year.  =-)

Catch up - December 2012 - Temple lights

Russ and I decided to take the drive out with Brynn to see the Temple lights with our friends Chelsea and TJ.  It was fun to get out and see them although all Brynn wanted to do is get out of her stroller and run into the crowds of people (I swear we are going to lose her one day....she totally just takes off and never looks back!).  The lights are so pretty and I always enjoy going down to look at them.  I remember this night was a chilly one too!  You know it is cold if Russ puts on a hoody!  But it does make me miss the cold of Utah sometimes.  Arizona just doesn't feel all that wintery!

Catch up - December 2012- Brynn on the stairs and everywhere!

Sometimes people think I am crazy because I say things like "I don't have enough photos of Brynn!"  The reality is I probably have more photos of Brynn than most people have of all their children combined.  But what I mean when I say that is she is growing so fast I feel like I don't want to miss any moments!  I want pictures of all her firsts, funny things she does, messes she makes, playtime, bathtime, bedtime....everything!  I just have such a bad memory it's the only way I can remember the things she does at what age she did it at.  Brynn now id almost 2 and looking at these older photos I just know I will never get these special times back with her!  Russ always gets mad at me for always having the camera out but it is what makes me happy!  I love looking at these photos! 

Here is a little photoshoot I did with her at home in her element.  She was loving climbing the stiars and playing outside.  She could probably do both for hours......especially play outside.  I remember taking these photos I loved how long her hair was!  Looking back she still looks bald!  haha.  Love this girl!


I have been so bad since I got an iphone at carrying a camera on me.  It's just so much more convenient to snap it on your phone.  I mean your phone is always on you, not your big bulky camera!  So of course there are some photos I want to document from my IPhone!  These are fron October and November!  So many photos!!! 

 I promise as soon as I am caught up to present day these blogs will be more exciting.  I am just trying to get as much done during Brynn's naptime!  =-)