Saturday, November 21, 2009

My baby Ruby!

Amy Blair just had her baby, and yes, I did ask her if I could blog pictures before she did. haha. Well my sweet little niece was born on Friday at 10:55, 6lbs and 4 oz, and 18 in long! Whoo hoo! I was so excited to see her! Russ has never visited a new niece or nephew in the hospital before so it was a fun time! She is sooooo tiny and sweet! Don't get the wrong idea people, none for Russ and I quite yet but i just love how small and precious newborns are. Ruby ________ Blair. I'm not sure what her middle name is yet. But i pretty much love her. I was just staring at her little face and I just couldn't get enough of her. I wanted to steal her out of the hospital but she had a security bracelet on her ankle so alarms would sound and doors would bolt shut if I tried, so I didn't. If you look close enough her forehead is bruised because she came out facing up. Poor little girl. She doesn't seem to mind because Amy said she barely cried all day long! I'm so excited to see what Lola thinks of her. They will be little buddies. Marcus and Amy make some freakin CUTE kids don't they!? Dang it, with all of our nieces and nephews we have some major cuteness to compete with! I just hope our babies are as cute and all of them!

For some reason I thought this sign was funny.
Isn't she the sweetest!?

Mom and daughter #2

Daddy and Daughter

She likes to keep her hands by her face, that is why her face is scratched....

Uncle russ and Ruby. I love that Russ doesn't know what to do with babies...
See.....look at his face. he's clueless...
Dad is changing her into some very oversized clothes. =-)

Me and my baby! i love her!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where's Russ?

If you can see Russ has not been blogged lately. Well I can tell you that he is occupied by other things. He just got his new game Call of Duty Modern Warfare and yes m his XBOX has been fixed and it has returned home.

Russ works hard. He goes to school, goes to work, does his homework and in his free time he likes to relax and play his XBOX. I don't mind it sometimes but I'm getting sick of hearing the constant sound of gunfire in the house. It's fun for him to get on and play live with his friends and keep in touch that way. I myself don't get the obsession of shooting and killing people over and over again but whatever floats your boat. One night I was so so so bored and I did a little video so the whole world can see what I see everyday.

Also, Russ interviewed for a job yesterday, he got all dressed up, turned in his resume and got a call today saying he got the job! Congrats Russ! I love you! I knew you would get it! It's for a Facility Management position at BYU. He helps the head Facility Manager with maintaining the Wilkinson center. I'm not too sure on all the details but I think it is great experience for him! I love you Russ!

The glory days

I was looking through old videos and i found these of Allison and I from our glory years at NAU. Some of my funnest memories EVER. In between all the homework, classes, jobs and boys we still had time to make videos. I love us. Here's to you allison.

ps. buy that house next door to you. i'll pay you back haha.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Start putting the snow jackets on.....

Winter is approaching. The Temperature is 39 degrees right now, it's good and cold. The heater is on and we are starting to wear our slippers around the house. The first faint snow storms have come and dotted the ground with white. I had to put the flip flops away and turn to shoes, socks, thermals, jackets, gloves and beanies. I've gotten Hot chocolate on occasion to help warm up. I have felt the numbness in my hands because they are so cold and the tingles as you try and warm them in front of the vents in the car. No more warmth. No more pretty fall colors. The trees are starting to turn bare, the windows are starting to frost up in the mornings and you can see your breath. This is when i really miss Arizona. It's time for hibernation mode.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What the Heck.

Guess What.

Selena got another ticket.

I really was mad about this one. I had a shoot at the SLC temple because we had a wedding and I had a quick break so I went to Chipotle and back to the studio to work for a few hours until the reception. SOOOOOOO I got off the freeway, turned on a 45 MPH road then onto the street my work is on. It is usually a 40 MPH road but because of the construction it was a 35 MPH zone. THe construction is ALWAYS off and on around there so I didn't really pay much attention. There was a cop on the side of the road and I saw him and tapped my break but didn't think i was going that fast. So he pulled out and pulls me over as I turn into my work. I was "SPEEDING" for less than 1/2 a mile! I was soooooooooo MAD! I told him i thought it was 45 same as the other road and told him i didn't even see a sign for 35 mph! Apparently there is a TEENY TINY temporary midget sign that is way off the road far enough away that you actually have to look for it to see it. He gave me a warning about the "construction zone" and cited me for 5 over. SO LAME! i was barely speeding and it really wasn't on purpose and it was like for 25 seconds! UUUGGGHHHH! So I've decided that I'm going to make it a goal to get a ticket in every city in Utah. I have bad luc. Why fight it anymore.

Orem- CHECK!
American Fork- CHECK!
Midvale- CHECK!

3 tickets in less than 2 years. this is ridiculous. Here is my map so you can see exactly what happened! I was speeding from point a to point b! ahhh!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mulder is HOT

So our costumes are amazing. We are Scully and Mulder from the X-Files! So I have a really sad story to tell you. I've been planning these costumes for a few months, I got everything ready, bought my wig and was so excited to wear them! The only problem was is that we had NO PLANS for Halloweeeeen! No parties, not NOTHIN. SO we made out own plans! We decided to go to Lagoon! Utah's one and only theme park! So we got all dressed up in our costumes and boy did we look good! haha! I set up the tripod and took some pictures! It was great! (Remember we don't have kids so I don't have anyone to stalk and take pictures of besides my little Russell) So we did that and Russ decided that he wanted to buy the tickets online. We go online and see the most depressing thing ever

"No Costumes Allowed."

I was soooooooo sad!! I can't believe it! Why!? So we had to take our costumes off, get in regular clothes and spent Halloween costumeless. I was so excited too. Oh well. AT LEAST WE GOT SOME PICTURES RIGHT!?!?

Here are a few pics at Lagoon. We didn't take many pictures but we sure had lots of fun!!!