Sunday, December 13, 2009


Cody. Jake. This is for you! The Pizza man is here! Cody and Jake are our new found friends. They invited us over to make pizzas with them one evening and it was so fun! Jake discovered that Russ could spin a pillow/books on his finger like a basketball and decided Russ should learn how to spin pizza boxes and become a pizza delivery boy. Just imagine. you open your door to the pizza man and he is spinning both your pizzas on his fingers and says "The pizza Man is Here!". That would be sweet.

Friday, December 11, 2009


JJJEEEZZZ I AM SO BEHIND! I HAVEN'T EVEN BLOGGED THANKSGIVING YET! GGRRRR. I'm going to make this short and sweet so i can catch up on my LIFE! Well we love our friends up in Utah. It makes it actually fun to live here. It pretty much is what makes me want to wake up every morning. haha. wow, they are going to read this and freak out. DON'T DO IT! I need you! haha. But really we have met some super cool people lately and it feels good to hang out with people you actually like. =-) Dallin (a man that sounds EXACTLY LIKE OWEN WILSON) planned a surprise b-day party for his wife and our friends Merinda. It was a really fun party. She was TOTALY SURPRISED! How old are you Merinda, 27 now? She looks so young huh!? It was so fun, and yes i am bogging this to let the whole world know that we are cool and we have cool friends. the end.

Paul and Ruthie
The Bearded Dragon and Cody

Owen Wilson himself!


the night ended with cody breaking the blinds....

Here is the SURPRISE! See it for yourself!

Paul and Ruthie gave Merinda a SWEET rap for her birthday. i thought this was pretty DANG FUNNY!

The Merinda decided to give us all a show! i kind of egged her on....

Then Paul and Ruthie just couldn't control themselves...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I can't help myself...

I took some pictures of my BEAUTIFUL nieces Lola and Ruby tonight and they are so freakin cute I JUST COULD'T HELP MYSELF! I HAD TO BLOG A FEW! Here is 2 week old Ruby (she was an ANGEL!) and her big sister Lola. I bet you can't tell that Lola was a wiggle worm during this shoot.....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wanna paint our portraits!?

Ever since Russ and I have been married whenever he says "what do you want to do tonight" i always say "Let's paint each others portraits!." Russ always rolls his eyes and says no.....Well one day he said no again and I didn't take no for an answer! I went and got out the paints (which it ends up I only have the colors cranberry, different tones of blue and white) and paper and brushes and everything. So Russ played along. I started painting Russ and he was drawing an "outline". I didn't want his to be way better than mine (because i was free handing it) so I crinkled up my paper and started drawing. Come to find out I don't do "outlines" I just plain started drawing Russ. Russ started painting my portrait and I looked at my drawing and I didn't want to ruin it with paint. So I ended up not painting anything! hahahah! Yah, Russ gave me a lot of crap for it because I have been bugging him to do it forever and when we actually did it I didn't do it! hahaha! Oh was a fun time....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mollie + selena = love

So again I am behind on my blog posts.....whats new. But I have had a few pretty long days this week, plus I just got back from Phoenix during thanksgiving and it was a BLAST! I will post about that a little later. But before I went home I got to spend some time with my friend Mollie. She came up to Utah for a photoshoot and had time to squeeze me into her busy schedule. I met her and her sister Hailey and friend Maddie up at Temple square to see the "temple lights" that mollie thought were up. Well, guess what, they were not up yet. SOOOOOOO we went to get some hot chocolate and went to Red Iguana, a GREAT GREAT mexican food place in Salt Lake. It was so good! But the salsa was so hot none of us could taste our food when it came because our mouths were BURNING! Good thing we went back to Orem to our house and ate ice cream and the biggest cookie you have ever seen! Hailey and Maddie showed us how to eat it, right out of the pan. It was a great time and I always like it when friends come into town. Hooray for friends! whooo hooooo!

We started the night with a mollie/selena photoshoot at the salt lake temple, you know the usual....

Hanging out in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, warming up....

no one wanted to sit by me.....

The Red Iguana. amazing. i love food.

like i said, i love food....
Russ got to join in with the cookie extravaganza!
And here we pig out.

It acually made me so sick, but it was so worth it....hahahaha!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My baby Ruby!

Amy Blair just had her baby, and yes, I did ask her if I could blog pictures before she did. haha. Well my sweet little niece was born on Friday at 10:55, 6lbs and 4 oz, and 18 in long! Whoo hoo! I was so excited to see her! Russ has never visited a new niece or nephew in the hospital before so it was a fun time! She is sooooo tiny and sweet! Don't get the wrong idea people, none for Russ and I quite yet but i just love how small and precious newborns are. Ruby ________ Blair. I'm not sure what her middle name is yet. But i pretty much love her. I was just staring at her little face and I just couldn't get enough of her. I wanted to steal her out of the hospital but she had a security bracelet on her ankle so alarms would sound and doors would bolt shut if I tried, so I didn't. If you look close enough her forehead is bruised because she came out facing up. Poor little girl. She doesn't seem to mind because Amy said she barely cried all day long! I'm so excited to see what Lola thinks of her. They will be little buddies. Marcus and Amy make some freakin CUTE kids don't they!? Dang it, with all of our nieces and nephews we have some major cuteness to compete with! I just hope our babies are as cute and all of them!

For some reason I thought this sign was funny.
Isn't she the sweetest!?

Mom and daughter #2

Daddy and Daughter

She likes to keep her hands by her face, that is why her face is scratched....

Uncle russ and Ruby. I love that Russ doesn't know what to do with babies...
See.....look at his face. he's clueless...
Dad is changing her into some very oversized clothes. =-)

Me and my baby! i love her!