Monday, July 11, 2011

The 4th of July

The 4th of July is not always the best holiday to celebrate in Phoenix. By July we are usually experiencing over 100 degree temperatures. So sitting outside sweating watching fireworks is not ever that appealing. Our family used to go to a movie on 4th of July over at the Harkins on Bell then watch the fireworks from the parking lot from the Peoria Sports Complex but now we have a new tradition. For the last few years we have gone up to Prescott and enjoyed fireworks up there! If you go for the whole day you can enjoy the parade and all the shops set up outside for the holiday. Then there is a carnival and fireworks later in the afternoon/evening. The weather is way better and totally worth the drive! It gives us a chance to cool down for a few hours before we have to head back to the Phoenix furnace. And another awesome thing about it...they had Indian Fry bread. MMMMM!!! Our whole family went up (minus Ryan and Bri) and it was the best! I love Prescott!

Matching tattoos!
Pretty girl
Messy boy
Brooke made us a bunch of hair things for the 4th! Look how cute it is!

I love when he stands like this.

eating the indian fry bread MMM! delish!
Lacey and Tori

Me Russ and Baby!
Brooke and Nikki got me into belts....i think I like them.
I love tanner.
warming up! You are not putting blankets on in Phoenix thats for sure!
Nikki the Photog
Nik took this of Jake. Why so serious?
My favorite honey and powdered suger indian fry bread (man do i sound like a fatty!) haha

Hope you had a happy 4th!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The growing belly...

If you know me I have been terrified about gaining a ton of weight on this pregnancy. I know that I should not worry about it and I can lose the weight once the baby is born but a part of is terrified that I will look like this......

hahaha, yes, this was me in high school and when I think of gaining weight I think if this picture.

I am not the best at exercising but I have been trying to watch what I eat. I think I have gained about 18 lbs or so and I am 23 weeks this week so I think I am doing ok.....(but I have very low hopes for myself, I have such bad metabolism I think It will all catch me at the end of my pregnancy....) But other than worrying about weight my pregnancy has been so enjoyable.

I think I feel the very best right now (and since 20 weeks) than I have felt my entire pregnancy. I have had NO NAUSEA or morning sickness which has been the biggest blessing. I was pretty tired the first part of my pregnancy until bout 18 weeks but not that bad. I am just starting to get the oh so wonderful feeling of back pain at about 20 weeks if I am carrying a lot or on my feet for a while (but it is not bad yet). I was not emotional at all my first trimester and just started to be a little more sensitive in my second trimester. I can cry a little easier but I am not the emotional roller coaster that Russ was expecting...
I am probably jinxing myself for later in my pregnancy (or for a future pregnancy) writing about how amazing my pregnancy has been but it really has been great.

She has been kicking a lot lately....almost after every time I eat she is a wiggler. I feel her constantly through the day and they are slowly getting stronger (and moving higher). I always try to get Russ to feel her but he says he can't yet (or she will stop like every time I try and have him feel). But I know he will be able to very shortly.

At my last ultrasound they moved my due date (not officially) to November 9th according to her measurements. I am nervous to have a baby but I am extremely nervous about labor and delivery. I'm not sure if it was a mistake or not but I watched a natural birth and epidural birth videos online and the natural birth video looked crazy painful......I have nothing against natural births and I am so amazed at the women that decide to do that but I am definitely going to get the epidural. If I have a choice to feel pain or not I choose no pain. =-)

So I think I am blabbing now but the point of this blog is to update everyone on the progress of my pregnancy


Show you the growing tummy (because if many requests to see these!)

10 weeks
12 weeks

I had a 16 week picture but I lost it and I am soooo sad about it!!!)
19 weeks
22 weeks
only 4 more months! whoo hoooooo!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boy or Girl!?!

(thank you Dawn for buying us boy and girl pj's before we knew. they are so cute!)

My dream has come true.

It's a girl!

Of course I think most mothers want a girl and most fathers want boys but I really really wanted a girl! I have 1 brother and 3 sisters so I do like being around girls. Although my heart was set on a girl I prepared myself for a boy. There are 4 boys in Russell's family and 2 girls also I thought my odds for a girl was slim. They only brother of Russ' that we can compare to is his oldest brother Dan who has 4 boys and 1 girl!

When I was 16 weeks they guess the sex of the baby and guessed a girl! I was soooo happy and excited! I didn't even know they could tell us that early! Russ and I were so excited to hear! As we looked at the ultrasound she asked, "Do you want to know what it is?" and my hear jumped a little bit. "Yes of course!" After hearing the news of having a girl I was smiling ear to ear. I know Russ was excited but I think he still had his fingers crossed for a boy.

We didn't really want to announce it till 20 weeks when they could tell "for sure". So at our 20 week ultrasound they told us again that it was a girl! WHOO HOOOOOOO!!! I may be a little selfish but when I think of a little girl I think of the pictures I could take! Bows and tutu's and dresses and pearls and all kinds or cute girly things! =-) I know she is going to be such a pretty little girl! Russ is very excited to have a girl....I think she is going to have him wrapped around her little finger. I told him "Well at least she will babysit our other children right?" haha. Russ says when you have a girl as the oldest she is bossy. And I looked at him as said "You married an oldest child....what you trying to say!?!?!" hahaha! We are sooooo ecstatic!!!!

Bring on the girl clothes!!!

Thanks to everyone who got me these clothes (i haven't bought anything yet!). I pretty much think little clothes are the cutest!

The ultra sound cuteness!

She is facing down in this one.

Her profile is so sweet!

It's a girl....Here is her bum and her legs.....