Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy First Anniversary!

happy one year Russ. It's been the best year ever! i'll update you on our fabulous weekend later. until then this is a video I made for Russ for our Anniversary...... I love him so so much!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I made this video for my dad.  shhhhh!  He hasn't seen it yet!  (he never checks my blog) He'll see it today though!  I love my dad!  We won't forget about Doug!  We love him too!  We have the best dad's ever!  Thanks for everything you do!  We love you guys so much!  Happy Father's day!  =-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Smores and MORE!

I'm so behind on blogging that I have to start before my trip to AZ.  So the weekend before we left for good ol phoenix The Blairs and the Sorensen's took a fun filled trip up Provo canyon to roast some hot dogs and make some smores!  Little Lacey was with us and we had the time of our lives!  It was the Blairs idea (good job guys) and i just love the smell of campfires!  It was just nice to go and hang with everyone.  I have been wanting to use our camping gear we got for our wedding soon but this will have to hold me over until we can actually go camping.  But these pictures will better describe out time out there!  Until next time (which will be so so soon!)



Lola Blair

Russ Sorensen

Marcus Blair

Amy Blair

Lacey Reid

Let the campfire fun begin!

Russ must have been really hungry.

Here is the happy couple.  Married one year on the 28th!

Let's see if we can make it just one more year.....

And the picture frenzy starts up with this lovely girl.

Ok.  people mix us up and think we are the same person sometimes.  We are 4 years apart.  We look different.  I don't get it.

Ok.  maybe i can see some sort of resemblance. 

ok FINE!  we look alike ok! 

"let's do charlie's angels!"

We suck at this.

We are happy girls.

ok.  there is a problem when your stomach is bigger than the pregnant girls stomach.  crap.

Amy works out.

Marcus was giving me the evil eye.  i think he was jealous of all the picture taking he was missing out on.

Lola is obsessed with rockets and the moon thanks to me!

i love lola!

A sister photo shoot.  take one more look and see if we look alike.

This is our reaction to the old naked man at the campsite.  (ok ok , there was no naked man)

And last but not least.  the Sexy campfire pictures.  Which one is your favorite!?!?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ryan and Bri are MARRIED!

Well I just back tonight from coming back from Phoenix and i took lots and lots of pictures!  The weather was BEAUTIFUl for this time of the year and I just loved every second of it!  It was fun to see everyone but it was one crazy, stressful, hectic week.  One of these days Russ and I are going to come into Phoenix and not tell a soul so we can do whatever we want and not be so crazy busy!  But it was of course AMAZING and FUN to see everyone (fam and friends) and to see this happy couple be married (Jeremy is next!)  I got to meet Bri's fam (which are so nice!) and just celebrate this happy event!

 Anyways I wanted to give everyone a look at some of the bridals I took of Ryan and Bri in downtown Phoenix that were on display at the reception (there are lots more to come).  Why is Briana so HOT!?!?!  Haha, Ryan is one lucky man (and a handsome one too)!  I have lots to do so I will blog more along with lots more pictures of my phoenix adventures later!  I just wanted to blog a quick one because I am so excited and happy that they are married now!  CONGRATS!  I LOVE YOU GUYS!