Friday, September 30, 2011


I am trying to catch up with past events before the baby comes because once she is here it is going to be all about her! So I will be going back into time just slightly.....

So one day (before we moved to our home) Russ and my brother Ryan (who work together) came home to my parents house for lunch as they do a lot. As they sat and ate I enjoyed their company (since I am home alone for most of the day) and talked.....As they both stood up I noticed something.....what was similar about them??? And then it HIT me....they were wearing the EXACT SAME OUTFIT! The office ordered some "Ultimate Properties" shirts for employees to wear and Russ and Ryan just happened to put on the same black shirt with khakis! I thought it was pretty funny. Of course I made them take a picture together which they both disapproved of (but who can say no to a pregnant lady?!?!)

They look real excited don't they.
(at least they are wearing different belts right?)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Little Peanut

(***Warning. lots of FREAKIN CUTE PICTURES.)

Well I pretty much have AMAZING friends and family that gave me the most AMAZING shower EVER!
I can't believe how much time they put into it and how much detail was incorporated through out the shower. If you have seen the invitation it had an elephant on it that said "my little peanut" and it had aqua and a coral color. Well Since I am kind of anti pink, I wanted aqua and coral for her room colors. And since ELEPHANTS are my FAVORITE ANIMAL the theme "My little peanut" WAS SOOOOO PERFECT! My family MADE most of the decorations! Aren't they so TALENTED!?!?! I can't do ANYTHING crafty like them. They really went over and beyond and I definitely recognize all the cuteness and how much time and effort went into it. Thank you so much! And mom....those CUPCAKES WERE FANTASTIC....i actually can't stop thinking about them. haha......It really was AMAZING! Thank you to my friends for helping out as well.....Becky's taquitos were a hit (they were gone so fast!) and Allison your video made me cry it was so funny. I have only watched like 10 times or so since then. =-) And everyone else that helped out! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

We had some cute games like the "smell the poopy diapers and guess what candy bar it is..." Then you had to guess how big around I was with streamers....let's just say some people were not too kind...hahaa......We also had a "blessing card" to fill out for Baby Brynn....I already read them all and they are the sweetest cards ever! Thank you to all the gave me and Brynn such precious blessings. The most unique game was Nikki's idea I think. It was so dang cute! We had everyone draw something for the letter of the alphabet for her first alphabet book! Nikki is going to laminate it and bind it for me. Everyone got to draw something and write their name on it. I have never heard of that game and I think it was so cute! The food of course was great and the company was even better. I'm so glad I got to see everyone and catch up. What a fun day it was! Russ made it for the first 5 minutes but had to retreat because of the levels of estrogen in the room. hahaha......Well I will let the decorations and pictures talk for themselves! Enjoy!

The beautiful tree they decorated for the made all those cute little ball things...
Brooke found such cute things to match the "Peanut" theme! I LOVE THIS!
Nikki made all of those elephants....aren't they adorable!?!

Brooke made this paper wreath from an old vintage book. such a cool idea!


Food was delish.
Thanks Dawn! These looked so GOOD!
I think everyone needs to have a pina colada cupcake. you will DIE.

i love this little guy!

The blessing cad board....Nikki MADE this! so stinkin cute! I had to have it to decorate Brynn's room!

Brooke made some of those headbands....brynn is so spoiled....
The best thing ever. the diaper cake. Brooke made this and I almost died.
Brooke made the "My little peanut sign". UH-mazing. She can make one for you too.. =)

Let's get the party started!

guessing how big I am around with the party streamers....
My beautiful mom! thanks for everything! it turned out so great! (i know you were stressing!)
Nikki made this cute sign! I later discovered we were missing the word "size" but I love it anyways.....
gramps made it to the party too!
She really wanted to eat the poopy snickers bar.

Becky thinks I am HUGE.
I like allisons better.....
Present time! Thank you to everyone!
I'm telling you....these cupcakes are heavenly.
laughing so hard during allison's video. sooooooo funny!
Becky knows what I like.
This was my fav. It's so Russ.
Brooke decided to take a nap in the presents.
The grandmas!

Tank you Lacey for taking the majority of these pictures for me!
The fun continues! Here are more pics of the guests! Sorry I could not get everyone in here!

And that is the END! If you want to see ALL of the pictures from my shower click here and You can see the rest of them on my facebook. THANKS TO EVERYONE! I had a great time! Can't wait for baby Brynn to get here!