Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm SO EXCITED ALLISON HAD HER BABY!!!!! I just had to show the world that I love her and her little baby barry! Born today at 1:09 he was 8 lbs and 13 ounces. What a big boy! They named him Sam William Barry!!! i'm so sad i don't get to go down to the hospital and stalk her and take pictures of her whole experience (she is probably glad about that) But I will be home soon to hold him and love him, in two weeks to be exact! I love The Barry's!!! Devin will be such a sweet little dad, they will go camping together and suns games and allison will be such a fun mom! I wish I could see her now, she will probably be awkward at first. I mean I would, what do you even do with a baby! haha, and little Dixie will entertain the little guy and they will snuggle and wrestle (because he will learn this from dad) and they will be such a sweet little family! I'm so jealous of everyone who gets to see them! I want to see pictures!! I love you guys!!

I'm going to upload a few pictures of the Barry's I know and love. They will be some fun amazing parents!

And this was the allison and devin child that I put together a while ago. We will see how accurate it is....

And also, Russ and I took family pictures on Saturday with my amazing studio Highlite Photgraphy. check them out, we are pretty hot.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

winter is coming...

i hate utah.

look what was outside our house this morning...

Russ said there was more earlier. but i slept in today....

Monday, November 3, 2008


Anyone who knows me will know that I am a freak about halloween. I love it. I love dressing up, i love blood, and i love candy. Since I am married and too old to trick or treat now and have no friends I tried to make the best of Halloween. Luckily Amy (my favorite person in Utah besides Russ) saved me from doing nothing (he "Halloween party" she was invited to canceled) and they came over to have some fun! Russ and I did some last minute costume shopping and came home to decorate the stairwell (since we live in a basement). We but black trash bags above to make it like a tunnel and put some Halloween decorations outside and some scary music to make it look good scary. I took this old costume of mine and stuffed it and put it at the bottom of the stairs to make it look like a real person. We had to light some candles to lead the people to our front door which is on the side of the house to make sure we got trick or treaters. Amy and marcus came over (not dressed up) but don't worry I made them put some costumes on. Amy was a pregnant cheerleader and marcus was batman. They were really good sports about it, and amy was really hot in the cheerleading uniform. Lola was a cute pig until she spilled soda all over her costume. We ordered pizza and Ryan and his girlfriend Bri came over and we ate, passed out candy and played scatagories (we printed off new scategories lists off the internet) We made some muddy buddies too......mmmmmm......Russ and i dressed up too. I was a pirate and Russ was Waldo from where's waldo. He looked really good. I made him dress up too but in the end he really liked his costume and was glad he dressed up. All of our Primary kids we teach came over to trick or treat too. I of course had to get pictures of the, We saw all but one but then on Sunday discovered he had come by too in a mask so we didn't know it was him. We had lots of fun! I'll let you see some pictures of our night but I'm going to take a quick look down memory lane....these are some of the other Halloween costumes I have had throughout the years.....

Ok...those last ones were pretty scary.  It went from newst to oldest as you can probably tell.  I am such a freak.  haha.  Ok here are the pictures from this Halloween.  Enjoy!  

The whole gang.....gotta love us!
Lola was checkin Russ out.  He is kind of weird looking.
This is Marcus terrorizing the neighborhood..
look at that cute couple.  Look, no blood this year...
Batman knocked up the cheerleader.
Here I am cutting amy's baby out.
and killing ryan too.
look, it's a black fairy and "nash at the after party"
Making Muddy Buddies!
Little lola.  we love her.

Me lola and our skeleton man outside our door.
Lola trick or treating.  sweet huh?
Our primary kids!