Thursday, May 21, 2009

Riding bikes and sunday strolls

Well we got our tax return a little bit ago and we put it right into our savings.  One day i said to Russ, we need to do SOMETHING FUN with that money!  Let's buy you a BIKE!  I already had a bike and it's not all that fun to ride your bike all by yourself so we went to Target and got him a brand new bike!  We've been riding them a couple time a week and it's so fun because the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!!  It's just perfect now!  I'm so glad it's finally warmed up and now we get to go do fun things outside!  A little bit ago we drove our bikes to Amy and Marcus's house to go for a bike ride.  The weather wasn't the bet that day, a little rainy, but it finally stopped and we were determined to go outside and ride away!  It was great!  

I just have to post these pictures of Lola.  So before we went on a bike ride Lola was just obsessed with the rain!  She was just outside walking around in it.  It was funny!  We had the screen closed and she didn't want to come in but she wanted to hang out with us right there so she just pressed her face on the screen and man it was funny!

On another day Russ and I went to have a fun Sunday after church.  My SLR camera just broke in a crazy down pour of rain and my boss got it fixed so Russ and I went to go test it out and we went to byu to wonder the campus.  I don't live in Provo or go to school here so I don't really get the BYU married vibe very often.  But I told Russ "Let's go be a BYU couple today!"  and we walked Byu campus, and went to the famous "duck pond" and brought a blanket and laid on the grass.  We fit right in with the 10 other couple there.  haha.  But here is a few pictures from our adventure.

Utah is real pretty right now.  The flowers the greenery, and yes even the dandelions.  I love it!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy BIRTHDAY to ME!!!!!

Well May is my birthday month and my first married birthday with Russ.  In the Reid family birthday's are a bit of a BIG DEAL.  It would be an insult not to call or get a call on your birthday from your siblings and parents.  Well Russ comes from a different family (a family I LOVE)  but they don't share the same enthusiasm for birthdays.  So I have had to train Russ a little bit in the birthday area so that he will have a happy wife.  (wow, i sound like a brat right now haha)  =-)  (Last year i had to have 2 birthdays)  So anyways, I had a great birthday!

I woke up to a sweet message on my mirror in the bathroom and fun messages on my car.  

Then Russ and I both headed off to work.  i didn't forget my birthday girl pin before i left.

At work I had a good day.  Davi got me some candy and chapstick (she knows what i like!)  Vi got me a cupcake and shauna bought me lunch.  While I was working away Sweet Russ had was on his way to drop something off in Salt Lake for his work and he stopped by and surprised me with the most amazing roses I have ever seen!  I was the best surprise of the day!  I loved loved loved it!!!!  They really looked amazing, this pictures does not do them justice. 
After work I headed home and Russ was stressing because he got off late from work and he was mad because it was ruining his evening plans.  He had dinner planned first but we didn't have enough time so we went to the planetarium first to see the U2 light show (the same one we went to see the night we got engaged).  Then we headed over to this restaurant we've been wanting to try that has the best ratings ever, the Red Iguana.  It was super tasty exept for my meal tasted funky.  I got enchiladas and they were sweet like ginger.  I ate off Russ's plate and everything he got was great!  Then we went home and Russ got me the best gift EVER EVER EVER!  Concert tickets to go see FUN the following Wed and and i-tunes gift card to purchase their CD when it comes out in August.  Sooo, let me explain who the FUN is.  So my favorite band The Format broke up a little while ago and the lead singer (WHICH I LOVE)  has started a new band called FUN!  I'm a little obsessed with him and I have met him a few times, had him sign a few shirts, haha, no big deal.  but i met him AGAIN.  

The concert was so amazing!  I loved it and can't wait to get there CD in August.  I also got Russ obsessed with the format.  I think he has a crush on Nate because he is always talking about him.  haha, he really enjoyed the concert too.  

All and all it was a great birthday!  I had such a good day!  My family sent me a few things in the mail and my parents made me the best thing ever!  They took my college diploma and the graduation picture and framed it with some other graduation stuff of mine.  I LOVED IT!  I wanted to do that sometime but I don't know if I would have ever gotten around to it.  THanks guys!  And thanks to everyone for the calls and the gifts!  I had a great 24th birthday!  Man I am getting OLD!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I love the ZOO!

On one of my days off Amy invited me to go to the Hogle Zoo!!! I love the zoo and it was a perfect beautiful day. I haven't been to the zoo in forever and amy lola and I just walked around, looked at the animals, and took some pictures. I'm going to start with a few animals.

Amy was grossed out by the grooming monkeys

We had fun with some of the signs

pretty good eh?

amy and the rusty bike

we tried to take a picture with the fake rhino statue and lola thought it was real and she was scared of it haha.
amy being eaten by a elephant skull

this elephant made noises and lola didn't know what to think of it. she pretty much just kept saying "noise, noise, noise...." over and over again....

lola was hanging on these. she was lovin it.

lola loved this lion even though it was just a drinking fountain.

the end