Thursday, October 25, 2012

I forgot I had a blog.

Seriously I used to be so good at this blog thing.....

The past few weeks I have literally forgotten I had this blog. 

I am just so busy with life, family, and my business that I really haven't had time or even time to THINK about this blog.  But it makes me sad that I am not updated on my life and Brynn's miles stones and pictures!  So here is a quick update and I will try to remember to post more frequently!

Brynn loves Domino and LOVES to try and find a way into his cage.  She now can open and close the doors all by herself!

 Yes, Russ was grossed out.  I DID take a picture of her eating one of his bones.  Good for her immune system right?
 This I love.  Russ is the one who mainly takes Brynn upstairs and Tucks Brynn in every night.  He is a sweet daddy.
 Brynn like all babies loves to play with remotes of all kinds.  After she got the back off of one and get a battery in her mouth we taped everything shut.  So Scary!
 This is Brynn when she wakes up from naps and in the morning.  She is such a happy girl!
 Brynn and Great Grandma!
 Here are some sweet pictures of Taylor and Allison in the hospital (now you know how far behind I am).  She is so sweet and it reminded me about Brynn and her birth.  Seems like yesterday!

 The fam out for dad's bday! 
 I really loved all the haboobs this season.  The monsoons are one thing I always look forward to!
 Goodbye to Molli as she goes to North Dakota!  boo!
 Brynn loves her bath.  I love this old man face she is making.
 Brynn LOVES it outside!  She always BOLTS for the door any time anyone opens it and gets made when she is not let out!

 Brynn has been the sweetest happiest girl and we could not ask for a better baby!  She turns one this week....It is so crazy because it has flown by!  We love you Brynn!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monkey Butt

I love jammies.  They are so cute.  Especially when they have a monkey on the butt and on her toes.

  Brynn loves playing with cords, lucky me right?  Her new favorite thing to do is climb under my desk and play with my cords and turn the surge protector off (turning off all my drives and computer off all at once).  I think she knows that this bothers me because she likes to get under there as often as she can.  She loves playing with this xbox controller, again, it has a cord.  It's funny because she takes the end of it and tries to plug it into everything.  it's so cute.  

I did manage to get a shot of Brynn SCARY FACE.  

Whenever she is trying really hard to do something, whether it is crawling really fast or reaching for something she makes this scary exorcist face.  

It's really funny.


Monday, August 20, 2012

4th of July!

We had a lot of fun during the 4th of July!  Brynn had a little mini photoshoot in her cute 4th outfit.  I love that the shirt was a little shirt and her belly button kept showing all day long!

We started the morning out hanging out (Russ was off work!) and we went swimming at the Vistancia Clubhouse!  It was such a great idea until it started raining on us!  Brynn loves the water and had so much fun!  It was a little cold so we took off as soon as it started pouring.  My cousin Jeremy and his wife Kelly invited us over for a BBQ and games!  It was so fun to hang  out with them and James and Maggie.  Logan and Brynn were so cute together!  They kept following each other around!  We got to watch the fireworks straight from their front was nice not to have to fight the traffic.  I tried to get Brynn to look at the fireworks and she saw them but didn't really seem all that interested in them.  All and all it was a great 4th of July (since it rained it was even a little cooler than normal too!)