Saturday, February 28, 2009

the cutest neighbors.

Well I just got my new 85mm 1.2L Canon lens yesterday and i'm freakin CRAZY about it! I love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. It makes me feel like a better person haha. Russ has not heard the end of it since I got it and he may have just started to think that I may love the lens more than him. Let me tell you russ is still number one but this lens comes close. haha.

Ok, ok, I was so excited when I came home that I had to take pictures of something! I saw our upstairs neighbors kids outside and asked the parents if i could borrow them for a few minute. They are so cute. I also was trying out some new textures on my pictures and I think I am getting the hang of it. I love these pictures. I just hope you love them as much as me!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


selena got a ticket.

it's sucks. i was so mad. i'm not going into detail about it, it makes me angry. let's just say it was a long night, i just wanted to get home, i got pulled over getting off on my exit for speeding, and i didn't have my license.

i signed up for driving school today. yah. it's great.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009



so.. (this is russ)....

Selena had a WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in las vegas on Monday, and it was VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND (with a holiday on monday).. SOOOO....

My brother Clint hooked us up with a hotel in vegas with his Hilton Reward Points. (thanks clint :) We left Friday after Selena got off work with mollie ;) and got there at like 1 in the morning.

We stayed there friday, saturday, and sunday night and then left monday night and drove home in the snow.... ugh... thats a WHOLE OTHER STORY!!! (hint: worst drive ever - snow sucks)

So anyways... we had tons of fun and most of all we LOVED people watching... i mean... after living in utah and staring at people that all look the same... it was quite INTERESTING.

So... before you look at the pictures...(we all know you love looking at pictures of us as much as we do... :) let me tell you some cute & funny stories...

- Mollie, Selena, and I all slept in the same bed friday night... it was 3 in the morning and we felt bad making her sleep on the floor.

- I woke up Sat. morning to selena creating some craft for Valentines day and then she gave it to me - a jar full of notes of all the reasons she loves me! : ) i love you sweetie! thanks!

- selena held her hands out after giving me the jar and said "where's mine?" -hahaha

- I took selena to see Phantom of the Opera on sat. night for Valentines day - it was way cool.

- We rode the New York New York roller coaster - WE LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!

- Selena saw her first half-naked female dancer in one of the casino lounges... she was more intrigued than i was... (she took a video she thought it was funny)

- Our waiter at Dennys was a guy/girl... we still dont know.

- we lost 15 buck in the slot machines... should have listened to Gordon.

- Selena stabbed me in the eye with her WPPI booklet while beating me over the head... i think it is still bruised behind the eyeball.

ENOUGH STORIES... PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh wait... we left vegas at 10 on sat. night and got home at 5 in the morning cause of the snow... for those who want more details on exactly how bad the snow was... you can call me and ask ;) i was wide awake the whole time and even till 630 after we got home thanks to the new lemonade AMP. ENJOY!!!

This is the car we rented...

Selena's photo hero

our totallyawesomecooluwishuwereus badges

i think selena should be a model

nope... i was wrong. mollie should be.

two photographers. enough said.

volcano show at mirage-- fire fire!

like i said.. ahhhh fire fire!

yep... good ol sigfried.. or roy. i dont remember

selena and the pirate ship at treasure island.

this is the west coast pirate chopper

fountains at bellagio... they were my favorite


selena though this one was cool.

while at first glance it just looks like another picture of me... i know. i know. it really is of the LION in the BACKGROUND.

I WON I WON I WON ... then i lost.

ok. new plan for the 700 billion... moving escaltors everywhere!

selena doesnt know what the bailout is..

mr robot and ms robot (really. have you seen selenas robot?)

yepp. favorite!

VIVA LAS VEGAS... translation: live the meadows

selena in front of ceasars palace

some euro dude took this picture... selena loved him

ok. i know the little papers on the ground are bad... but this is way too obvious.

this is selenas favorite picture.. i dont know why.

she loves him... (the guy to the left. not above.)



we were gonna see the blue man group. but this is as close as we got.

TICKET TO PHANTOM... remember when selena held her hands out?

only in vegas do they have an I-POD vending machine

we had a heart shaped chicken for VDAY


right before we went to sleep friday night...

Marc and Mindy - (selena's bosses - we love them)

this is Matthew Jordan Smith who takes pictures of celebrities

ok... this is my fav. picture!

ALLLL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry... we know you have other things to do today besides look at our blog... but now theres
the first one is russ getting lost, the next two are Russ and I trying these gag lighters out that shock you and the last one is a street proformer that works for tips, he was pretty good!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well I just wanted to take some fun pajama pictures with the Blair family, my favorite model family (and in-laws) ever!  haha, they are always down to let me take their pictures.  I just had a vision of some fun pajama/bed pictures and I just wanted to see if I could get the look down.  Lola didn't have a nap so she didn't last long but you can't tell from the pictures!  She looks as happy as ever!  Special thanks to the Blairs for being such good sports (especially Marcus) for helping me out.  Here are just a few from the shoot!