Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Website is up!

It's official. Russ and I are moving back to Arizona. I can't wait. He graduates in April and we will be back in May.

All of you who have been waiting for me to take their pictures....well I am finally here! Can start taking appointments the first week of May! Email me and I can get you booked!

And now......


Go check out my new website! I LOVE IT! If you are a client of mine Leave me a message on "what people are saying" page!

Monday, February 14, 2011


So, many of our friends & family may have seen some pictures of us hanging out with some friends we met here in Utah... Jake & Cody. We met Jake and Cody back in October of 2009--just a few months after Jake made a deal with Cody to let him grow out his beard and hair for a year. After only 4 months, his beard was pretty gnarly. well, at the one year mark, Jake just could not part with his beard.. it continued to get longer and longer. A few months ago they took off on a road trip across the US. Selena and I wondered if Jake would ever shave his beard... if we would ever know the "beardless Jake." Turns out, Jake surprised his wife by waking up Christmas morning, shaving his beard, and then waking her up... please check out their blog for all the pics on the "debeardification" plus, their awesome road trip.

They are awesome people and awesome friends. So here is my tribute to Jake and his amazing beard. We'll miss it. (although we do want him to keep it shaven off... not gonna lie)lookin' good Jake. lookin' good. is the hair comin' off too? when do we get to see you in person?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Song Obsessions.


Let me tell you what happens to me and song obsessions I have.

I hear a song I LOVE....

Then I play it OVER AND OVER AND OVER again until I either HATE it or I find a new song obsession (it drives russ nuts).

This is my newest obsession.

Bruno Mars. Grenade.

I fell in love with this song when I saw the music video.
I love him and I love this song.
Please love it with me.

While I'm at it here is one of Russ' new song discoveries.

He loves this.

Feed Me. Cloudburn.

"The beat is SICK." -Russ Sorensen

Monday, February 7, 2011

We are gonna make it.....

Well Russ didn't get home till 11:00pm tonight (which explains the 2 blog posts in one day)....

I started to look through the millions of pictures and videos I have (to reminisce as I often do when Russ is MIA) and came across 2 videos that reminded me of each other.

So what did I do??

Make a video of course!

Good ol' allison and vanessa.

This is what happens when I am left alone for long periods of time. enjoy!

Bats in your hair.

A few weeks ago we had this random photoshoot with paul and ruthie.

It was supposed to be her last Blonde photoshoot before she went DARK BROWN. But apparently the dye job didn't work out so there was not a follow up Brunette photoshoot.

Durning this photoshoot extravaganza we told everyone to pose as if there were BATS in their HAIR!

This is everyones interpretations of that. So funny. thought I would share.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Phoenix Fun.

One thing I always look forward to (beside seeing my family) is seeing my friends.

I have always wanted to have long time friends when I was older; that i could say, "Yah we've been friends since high school..." Well I have lots of those friends still (and one of them is my sister in law! i love that!) They mean so much to me and I know sometimes it's hard to stay in touch with everyone especially since we all live everywhere but I am proud to say that we have.
Hooray for friends!

love these girls!

Here are a few pictures from Russell's house. I didn't take too many over there over the christmas holiday for some reason. But I took Russ family pictures while we were in Phoenix for her Christmas present! It was a challenge but I brought a few helpers (Ian and Becky!) to help out (I had to be in the big group picture). Anyways while I was out there I got some stickers in my feet that I could not get out. Russ thought he would play doctor and try to preform surgery to get them out. It didn't work that well, only made my foot a little sore. But nice try babe. Thanks for helping babe.

And then I made my family take the standard "stand in front of the church building" picture. We know we all have on of those. We all look nice so lets take a picture. We are not together (ALL OF US) very often so I at least wanted to document that we were all together. We have one cute family!

Friday, February 4, 2011

soda pop.

(I'm blogging again! whoo hoo!)

I remember a time when I didn't drink soda unless I was out to eat.
I liked juice, gatorade, and milk (never a real water girl). Then this man took over my life.

Russ really likes his soda.
Ever since I have known him he has drank it (AND A LOT OF IT). Slowly he turned me to the dark side.
I am now a frequent soda drinker.

Yes, Hi I am Selena and I am a sodaholic.

It slowly crept in and now I crave the bubbles. But because of this secret indulgence I have converted Russ and myself into Diet drinkers. Now I don't feel as guilty about drinking it.

Russ just made a comment to me the other day that was surprising. He said "You know, I actually LIKE the TASTE of DIET Mountain Dew better than regular." He has come a LOOOOONG way! I remember when I tried converting him he was like NO WAY DIET IS DISGUSTING.

But with soda drinking come lots of trash. We drink lots and so we have decided to started recycling. We are collecting quite the trash bag full.

Here is a video or our heroic efforts to save the world.