Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I am 27.

When I hear out loud the words "I am 27" it is starting to sound old to me.  what the heck?  Where did the time go???  I still feel so young but the numbers just keep creeping up there.  I married a man one year younger than me too so it doesn't make me feel any younger...how come I am the one who has to reach 30 first??  Well since Brynn has been born life as been a blur.  I can't believe I have an 8 month old already!  WOW!  It's crazy!  It really does not feel like that much time has gone by.  With being a mommy, a photographer, having 2 callings at church and now with Russ in the Elders quorum and working, it seems like life is just flying by me!

Well for my birthday this year I went out with Russ on a date on Friday, went shopping on Saturday, had dinner at my moms house on Sunday and then dinner with Russell's parents on Monday.  So I had a big birthday weekend!  Russ kept telling me "It's not your birthday yet" and I would respond "It's my birthday weekend!!"  I am big on birthday but my expectations have come down a big since we are so busy.  But Russ still knows I expect SOMETHING.

This year he was real sweet.  He made me waffles in the shape of my new age.  I loved it.  He aslo made my favorite cake, funfetti!!!  And I also go a new but old (antique) typewriter!  I have been wanting one for a while for a decoration/prop for photoshoots and I love the one I got!  It's old and rusty, just how I like it.  (This is still blog catch up....my birthday is in May?.....I am getting OLD.

And of course I had to take some pictures of sweet Brynn on my birthday morning.  her face just makes me happy!  (this was before she was crawling.  I love when they can sit up but not crawl yet...)

Monday, June 18, 2012

So behind.

I have got to catch up on my life!  My house needs to be cleaned, I have so much editing/work to do with my photography, I need to organize so many things (my home, my time, my business....), and still see my sweet hubby and play with my little Brynn.  Not to mention blog.  Holy cow I am so behind.  This blogging thing is my journal.  It's how I document my life.  I make those cute blog books out of them and I feel like I am skipping all of Brynn's milestones and it is making me way depressed.  I know I take a million GAHJILLION pictures.  So I think I need to blog the best of the best so I don't feel so overwhelmed.  I am going to try and blog one photo....one memory every day or every other day.  We will see how well I do.....

I never blogged about this and I really wanted to.  I breast fed Brynn for 3 months.  That's as long as I made it.  No one tells you how hard breastfeeding really is!  Brynn was always a sleepy baby that I constantly had to wake up when feeding her.  It would take her FOREVER!  Although I do not miss that late night.early morning feeding.  It was nice to take a break from the day, hold and snuggle her while I fed her.  Excuse me if this is TMI but sore nipples and leaking boobies are not so fun, and as soon as she started eating more than I was making I had to start supplementing which was also a pain.  I wish I was a milk cow like other people but I just did not produce a lot of milk.  And with work getting busier (shoots and weddings coming up) I decided to stop breastfeeding.  It was a love hat relationship. I had enough stored to feed her morning and night (with breast milk) through her 4th month.  I know breast milk was important for her so I tried to do it as long as possible.  But when I gave her the last bag of milk I had I was a little sad.  Bye bye milk.

But now I am soooo loving formula and bottle feeding.  It's so convenient and nice too.  And now looking bad I really am not missing breastfeeding all that much....(or the newborn stage for that matter). I am loving Brynns age right now and can't wait to see her grow (but please not too fast ok Brynn?)