Monday, March 29, 2010

Viva Las Vegas.

Well i haven't really had much desire to blog lately. so i am going to push myself through this one in hopes that i can find my blogging love again. Life has been crazy and i have not had too much time to blog. or maybe i just plain don't want to blog (which is SO not like me) or maybe because i already spend WAY too much time on my computer so blogging keeps me on even longer. here are a few interesting facts as of lately.

-I am addicted to facebook
-I am moving home to phoenix for 2 months this summer
-I have lost all desire to work out.
-I love LOST
-Russ is way too busy and he needs to quit school haha
-My favorite song right now is Get Buck in Here by DJ Felli Fel (russ ghettoness is rubbing off)
-When I hear that song I want to dance
-My whole family will be in AZ for Easter. but we won't. lame.
-I want a dog
-I ate a whole box of Easter Basket Cakes in a week by myself

I want to blog my adventure to Vegas. It's the first vacation I've been on by myself with out Russ. I missed him of course but I had Becky as his replacement! it was sooo fun! We went to Vegas stayed in the Luxor, went to the blue man group (my third time seeing them) I LOVE THEM! Then we went to a photography convention WPPI It was AMAZING of COURSE! What is even more amazing is that I won a FREE REGISTRATION to it. (It's worth like $400!!) It was sooooo fuN!! Becky and I ate lots, partied hard, and had a great time! It was such a good girl trip for SURE! Now of course I have LOTS of pictures..........


the journey begins with the DRIVE.

both wearing our good ol BYU shirts.....

Then we went on a romantic date to the blue man group and got some ice cream after...

Then we met up with marc my boss and he was our designated picture taker. We invited him to walk the strip wth us and promised so many fun and exciting things. Well, the pirate show was canceled, it started raining, the volcano never erupted and we got a crappy view of the fountain show (because there were trees in the way.) so pretty much our walk was worthless. At least we got some pictures right?

Marc was a bit tired after our walk.....
but we still ate pizza hut.

Then Becky, Ashley Taylor, and I partied it up at the pool party at WPPI!

I turned my back on becky for ONE second and i looked and she was dancing with some random GUY!

Don't worry his friend cornered Ashley and then he grabbed my hand to dance! Yes I AM A MARRIED WOMAN! VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.

Here we are with our cool convention passes. are we nerdy or what??

And here are some more random vegas pictures.....

I even saw my wedding photography Melissa Jill there! Whoo hoo!

I got to meet lots of amazing photographers while i was there too like Gregory Heisler, Jerry Ghionis, JB & DeEtte Sallee, Kevin Kubota, Jasmin Star, Brianna Graham and the Bebbs!!!

It was pretty much heaven on earth. the end.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Death in the morning...

This is Russ. And i am one of those people who has to set my alarm in the morning and push snooze 3 times before i wake up. Funny thing is, people like me, and people like Selena, don't really mix that well in the morning. She's not exactly a morning person.

So normally, when i wake up, i shut off all my alarms to make sure they wont go off while I'm getting ready. well, the other day i woke up late and i rushed to the shower to get ready... needless to say, i left my alarm on... when i walked back in the room... Selena was a LITTLE grumpy and this is how i found my alarm clock...

it's that little tiny white thing in the bottom left corner.. it flew from the desk in the top left corner... by the person who was in the top right corner....

and later i was at work on got this voicemail on my phone later that morning...

I love you Selena!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sheriffs in Town

I just got back from Las Vegas last week and had a blast at WPPI (a photography convention)! It was so fun! That I will blog about later.....

So Russ stayed home from this trip and had some good alone/lonely time. It was good to get home and see him. I missed him! Anyways I was walking around the house the other day when I came across this....

I have never ever before seen this sheriffs badge and it made me wonder where the heck it came from. What WAS russ doing while I was out of town? I had a little chuckle when I imagined what on earth Russ did with this little toy of his.
Maybe he was acting out the 2 different times where he was pulled over (in the passed few months) Or maybe he was keeping this little trinket around to remind him not to speed or run stop signs.

Whatever the case, I just thought it was the most hilarious thing sitting on his pile of clothes in the hallway.
So of course I had to take a picture of it and blog.

The Sheriff's in Town.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spending time together

So last night i got home around 7:30- 8:00ish from work.
Russ immediately comes and gives me a big hug.
We stand there in silence because we are both so tired.
I am getting sick and haven't been sleeping very well.
Russ has non-stop homework this week.
I was out of town last weekend and am leaving again this weekend without him.
I think we just miss each other.
We haven't spent too much time together lately because we have been busy busy busy.
So as I edited some of Mollies engagements on my computer and Russ worked in the living room on his computer, this is how we felt like we were together.

Google video chat.