Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finally hanging pictures!

We've had these pictures since our wedding and they are 20X 30s.  We could not find 20 x 30 frames ANYWHERE!  So finally sweet Dawn gave us a gift card for Christmas to get a few custom frames to fit them.  We took the frames back to Utah and had to get the pictures put in and we finally did that and hung them up  I think they look so pretty especially the one above our bed because it matches so well.  Just thought I would share.  I love pictures!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Want to hear the news?



He is now engaged to an amazing girl, Bri Ashley Ward.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!  

He just proposed Saturday night and I'm so happy for them.  Living with a house full of girls Ryan knows he better get a good one because all of his sisters will have a say in it.  =-)  But he really did get a great catch!  Good job Ryan and congrats to you both!

So here is what went down.  Ryan took Bri to "THe Roof"  (a nice restaurant in Salt Lake that overlooks Temple Square) for dinner reservations at 7.  Then they took a romantic carriage ride around the city where the sparks just started flying.  Bri started to suspect something all night.  Ryan tried to mislead her all week and told her that he was saving money for the ring ect when he really had already bought it.  So of course he was dodging questions and things all night trying to keep the night going according to plan.  They drove back to Orem and then called us to come over to play "video games" (sounds romantic right)  so of course Bri's hopes for a pretty ring on her finger were crushed for the night.  Little did she know that earlier that day ryan "went to work"  but came over to Russ and I's house for her little surprise.  We were setting up a tent for his special night right in our driveway, so unexpected.

I had work off and so I helped him set up this tent and the decor on the inside! The plan was to take her over our house to hang out after a nice night together (which they come over all the time so it was nothing out of the ordinary) and our landlord's conveniently had a party that night. So Russ told ryan on the phone that the neighbors had put a tent in our driveway (they live above us) so bri would see it and think nothing of it. So you walk in and on the inside wall of the tent was "i love you" written out with pictures of them.

 There was a trail of rose petals and hearts leading the way to a table sitting in the middle of the tent.

There were candles, roses, a framed pictures of them and a music jewelry box sitting on top of it.

There was a little note on top of the jewlry box that said....

Inside the jewlry box was a ring box.  But no ring.  only a sweet note.  So while she is fixed on the note reading it Ryan gets out the real ring box, gets on one knee and pops the question!  It was so cute.  And her ring is beautiful!

So that is the exciting news! I just can't wait! You will be hearing more as things progress. They are thinking getting married in July but nothing for sure yet. HOORAY FOR RYAN AND BRI!!! WHOO HOO! THey are very cute together. WE LOVE THEM. THE END.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun with Brooke!

Well my sister that I never get to see came into town!! She got her wisdom teeth out for FREE and got a FREE plane ticket so...why not? I get a call Wed night saying, "hey I'm coming into town tomorrow! Can you come pick me up? I was like um.... I think I can, sure I can get you. So I got someone to come into work for me and then she missed her flight. HAHA. yah so I didn't end up getting her. She stayed with us on our make sift bed that we made out of the couch pillows (it wasn't that bad) and had a grand ol time. On Friday she got her wisdom teeth out and slept a little. We got dinner and a movie and laid low for a night. Then on Saturday I had work off and we had so much fun! ( I don't have firends so It was nice to have some company, haha) Soooo, we went shopping and then we went and celebrated Heather's (Brian's sister) birthday at Fat Cats. We went bowling where I was totally winning and Heather came and beat me in the end! I guess that is ok, she IS the birthday girl. That was really fun! Happy Birthday Heather! she is 16 now WHOO WHOO!

Then Russ had his first inturmural basketball at BYU and I went to support him (because I am a good wife) but....I kind of got distracted by the computer and didn't watch half the game. and....they lost. haha. well, good job russ!

Then we had a fun night mini golfing at trafalga with brooke, ryan, bri, amy, marcus, and russ and I and little lola of course. It was fun besides the fact to was SUPER PACKED! It's like the only thing to do inside when it's cold outside and we live in like the single dating city of america and everyone and there mom was there. So Amy and Marcus left a little early because lola wanted to pick up every ball she saw. haha. Then we got pizza and a movie. It was a great weekend!! It was so nice to have brooke around! I wish I could have spent more time with the rest of the family but seeing brooke was nice since i NEVER GET TO SEE HER BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS LIVES SO DANG FAR AWAY!! Haha. well that is it. here are the pictures of course.

The $2 socks I bought at the bowling alley didn't even fit me!

I know brooke will ove this one.

Brooke got bangs! (me and ryan didn't even notice) but they look good!

Happy bitthday heather!

it's coming back in style, just wait.

boys and their toys.

Check out amy's new due. HOT.

Look at that cute couple.

The Reid's are back!

The blairs.

brooke was much better at golf than bowling. (She got 6 gutter balls in a row!)

It was glow in the dark!

Lola was snuggling with me.....dueing the movie. and russ really is asleep.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Tanner's baby blessing!

I almost forgot to blog this little adventure while we were in Phoenix for Christmas.  So Nikki and Jake went to Jake's family's house for Christmas in California and while they were there little tanner was getting blessed!  So dad came up with this brilliant plan to drive down to California on Saturday go to the blessing in the morning on Sunday and drive back on Sunday right after church.  Holy crap it was a very very quick trip but a very fun one too!  Anything to support our lovely Mullaly family.  WE LOVE THEM!  It was really nice to spend some time with them.  We don't get to see them too often and I really enjoyed the time with the family.  So without delay, here are the pictures....

Here we are on the road to Cali.....

Ryan drove a bit while dad relaxed.

Russ tried to sleep....

But I woke him up!

Guess I'm the only on enjoying myself.....

The family of the hour!

The cousins reunite!

The whole fam was there, even the Soules!

They LOVE grandpa!

The Reid sisters.  We are looking hot.  haha.

The happy couple.

And the first picture EVER of all the MARRIED Reid's!

Sweet little tanner....

His name is ryan.  and yes he is my brother.

We love each other.

This one is real SCARY!

Like mother like daughter.

Let's not forget bri.  our favorite person ever!

People say we look alike.  I don't get it...

Watchin the X FILES.

And this one is just too funny!

Here was a singalong that Ryan directed on the way to the blessing!  It's pretty funny....