Thursday, October 29, 2009

Classic Pumpkin Carving and more

Work has been crazy this time of year so I have not really had the desire to blog or look at blogs or facebook or do anything lately that has to do with the computer (which is very bizarre). Russ has been pretty busy with school, he's had a lot of projects he's had to work a lot of hours on this semester. This is what he looks like for most of the evening.

His XBOX BROKE, he doesn't know what to do with his life since he got the "red ring of death." He sent it in to get it fixed but he doesn't know what to do to "relax." He pre-ordered the new Call of Duty game and now he won't even be able to play it right when it comes out. I know it sounds soooo horrible! haha, As you probably can tell I am not that sad that the XBOX is taking a vacation for a few weeks.

What else can I update you on. I started this diet that my family started doing, I'm not quite sure what diet it is but You eat only protein for the first week, no carbs no sugar, & 550 calories a day. You go up to 700 calories the next week and then start eating vegetables and the next week go up more in calories and you can eat fruit but no carbs or sugar EVER! It's an anorexic diet if you ask me but all my family had been losing so much weight so I got jealous and wanted to try it out. I am a carboholic so it as really hard at first but then got easier. I was on it for like 2 weeks and have lost 11 lbs. So it is working! I'm not on it right now but I would like to do it one more time and lose another 10 lbs. It's great! Here is a pic of me eating a sandwich with no bread while russ eats a hot pocket right in front of me. rude.

Well I forgot my camera when we carved pumpkins at Amy and Marcus's house (is that even possible!?!?!) so I took a few pictures when we got home of our pumpkins. I always LOVE carving pumpkins (well I just love Halloween in general). Russ usually makes his own design for his pumpkin but this year he was feeling lazy so he used a pattern. Amy carved a cool spider and marcus, well let's just say his remains uncarved. Lola painted her pumpkin (you will have to see all of these pictures on amy's blog, since I am retarded and didn't have my camera) I thought they turned out pretty nicely! What do you think!?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes, that is right, WE HAVE FRIENDS.

Well, ever since I have lived in Utah I haven't had too many friends to hang out with (Other than my dear sweet Blair family) and recently I have bonded with a few couples from the ward. One day I decided I want to be social again and Russ and I through a MEXICAN FIESTA at our house. We invited a bunch of the young couples from the ward and had about 5 couples turn up! Turns out they all want friends too! It doesn't help that we were stuck in the Primary for the first year we were in the ward so we really had a hard time getting to know ANYONE. Then we were released and now in the activities committee.

So it's pretty nice to have people to hang out with that you genuinely like. haha. Dalllan and Merinda are great and Paul and Ruthie are new and so fun! We enjoyed meeting all the other couples that came and really want to start doing more stuff with people! This post may seem so sad and pathetic but I am so happy that I have people I can talk to. I am always homesick for friends and family in Arizona so it makes it a little easier to have people here too. Thanks guys! (PS. you should totally look at paul and ruthie's blog ( and look at her post called Saying hello to all the babies!!!!!and watch the videos entitled Randition n Whut! Ya dis right hur and The orginal mix part 2. Then you will know that it was meant to be!

Ruthie and I painting our nails (yes those are fake eyelashes...)

We went to Gardner Village because they have never been there! THis is in the Christmas shoppe! (Ruthie's husband Paul came too! )
This is my favorite store, Anastasia's Attic. It's AWESOME!

After we got fake eyelashes. but don't worry paul didn't get any...
pretty eyelashes!
Ruthie getting her's on!
I was getting tool to go with my witch outfit!
A tour of the Library. we had to take a pic.
THe MEXICAN FIESTA! this was when my team was kicking their teams BUTT!

All the couples that came.....we are pretty popular. haha.

"make the ugliest face you can!"
"silly face"
"we are friends"
This is Russ and Dallan, aka Owen Wilson. HE TALKS JUST LIKE HIM!!!

It's pretty fun to have friends.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Well at my work at gardner village ( they have a huge event where there are around 10,000 woman come dressed up as WITCHES! It's a very bizarre event if you ask me but it gave me an excuse to dress up as a witch (Which i loved of course!) The Day Spa by my work did "witch makeovers" for $10 so I went over there and got a full witch makeover and fake eyelashes and a rhinestone mole to top it off. I got my outfit at savers, found the PERFECT dress that had black velvet roses on it (like DEAD flowers). I found it in the prom dress section and I could not believe that it was an actual formal dress because immediately when i saw it i thought "witch." I feel sorry for the person who wore it for real. I got some lace gloves, a purple boa, and some purple tool fabric to dress it up. We had a "Haunted Studio" to be festive and I was "Seleenda the Witch" for the night. It was a lot of fun. I borrowed a smoke machine and strobe light to add to our haunted studio. I had some little girls come up to me and told me that I was the nicest witch they have ever met. And we actually had a few kids that were crying and didn't want to enter our Haunted Studio. It really wasn't that scary. but I gave her a sucker and it seemed to help. Anyways If you guys are ever in the Utah area around this time of year it is definitely something I would recommend to come and check out! Here are a few pics of me and my friend Ruthie who came and my bosses Mindy and Marc!

Guess what Russ and I are going to be for Halloween?

Who am i?

i love fall in utah

Well one thing I always look forward to is the fall leaves! On conference weekend Russ and I went on a drive up American Fork Canyon! It was the PRIME TIME TO GO!!!! It was so so beautiful!!! I was a nice rainy day (russ and i LOVE RAIN) but then it turned to snowwhen we went higher in the mountains which slowed us down a bit. It was such a beautiful Sunday Drive and this will definitely be something I miss when we leave Utah. Well I don't want to write much tonight. I think the pictures speak for themselves. enjoy! (and Arizonian's BE JEALOUS!)

(ps. don't mind all the old grandma pictures like out the window....)