Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catch up - December 2012- Brynn on the stairs and everywhere!

Sometimes people think I am crazy because I say things like "I don't have enough photos of Brynn!"  The reality is I probably have more photos of Brynn than most people have of all their children combined.  But what I mean when I say that is she is growing so fast I feel like I don't want to miss any moments!  I want pictures of all her firsts, funny things she does, messes she makes, playtime, bathtime, bedtime....everything!  I just have such a bad memory it's the only way I can remember the things she does at what age she did it at.  Brynn now id almost 2 and looking at these older photos I just know I will never get these special times back with her!  Russ always gets mad at me for always having the camera out but it is what makes me happy!  I love looking at these photos! 

Here is a little photoshoot I did with her at home in her element.  She was loving climbing the stiars and playing outside.  She could probably do both for hours......especially play outside.  I remember taking these photos I loved how long her hair was!  Looking back she still looks bald!  haha.  Love this girl!

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